Zinc air battery maker raises 15 million in financing

Eos Energy Storage announced this week that it has raised $15 million from a syndicate of 21 investors in a new round of financing. The new funds will support the commercialization of the company’s Aurora grid-scale energy storage product. The Aurora system, which is based on an innovative zinc hybrid cathode battery technology, is delivered… Read more »

Break out the Champagne: 100,000 plug-ins have been sold in the US

Is it a milestone in automotive history, or just an odometer moment? Who cares? Let’s celebrate! According to the latest estimates, the 100,000th plug-in vehicle was sold in the US some time this week. This total includes only “highway-capable” vehicles, not “neighborhood electric vehicles,” which number over 60,000 in California alone. The first of the… Read more »

Mercedes plans to offer S-Class PHEV

Mercedes-Benz’s next generation S-Class will include two hybrid models, a gasoline and a diesel version, and a plug-in hybrid model will join the lineup “soon.” The new S 400 Hybrid, which combines a V6 gasoline engine with an electric motor and Li-ion battery pack, will deliver combined fuel economy of around 37 mpg, a reduction… Read more »

DOE to award $62.5 million to USABC to accelerate development of next-generation EV batteries

The DOE announced that the US Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC), an industry group managed by GM, Ford and Chrysler, will lead an industry-wide effort to accelerate development of next-generation battery technologies for electrified vehicles. The DOE will invest $12.5 million per year for five years, subject to congressional appropriations, which will be matched by an… Read more »

ANSI releases version 2.0 of EV Standardization Roadmap

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released version 2.0 of its Standardization Roadmap for Electric Vehicles. This lengthy tome seems to address every conceivable standard that has to do with EVs, and it makes a dense but interesting read. The Roadmap tracks progress to implement recommendations made in version 1.0, released in April 2012,… Read more »

Will Tesla add battery swap capability to the Model S?

Just as the idea of battery swapping seems to have stalled (its main proponent, Better Place, is retrenching amid hard times, and Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn has poo-pooed the concept) it may get a recharge from the alpha dog of the EV pack. A careful reading of the leaves from Elon Musk’s last cup of tea… Read more »