EPA certifies Ford Fusion Energi’s 21-mile electric range

According to the EPA, Ford’s new Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid has a range of 21 miles in electric-only mode, and a 620-mile range using dino juice. With a 100 MPGe combined fuel economy rating, there’s no doubt that the new sedan is a gas saver. In fact, Ford is making fuel economy a centerpiece of… Read more »

Plug-in Cadillac debuts in Detroit

GM unveiled what you might call “the Cadillac of plug-in vehicles” at this week’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The 2014 ELR luxury coupe is a plug-in hybrid, or an Extended Range Electric Vehicle, as GM prefers to call it. Developed from the Converj Concept, first shown in Detroit in 2009, the ELR… Read more »

BYD delivers 500 e6 electric cars to Shenzhen Police

Can you imagine police officers giving up their massive Crown Victorias for electric hatchbacks? In China, they just might. Chinese automaker BYD delivered 500 pure electric e6 police vehicles to the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau this week. The local cops love the virtually silent engine, according to the company. The five-seat e6 has a… Read more »

VW introduces a plug-in diesel SUV concept in Detroit

All in blue, this German miss made her debut this week at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The CrossBlue concept is a midsize crossover SUV that Volkswagen developed for the North American market. Under the hood, she’s a plug-in hybrid with a diesel engine, two electric motors and an all-wheel-drive system.  … Read more »

VIDEO: Nissan begins US production of new and improved LEAF

Nissan has begun to ramp up production of the LEAF at its manufacturing plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, and has also announced a number of upgrades for the 2013 model. The electric hatchbacks roll down the line alongside legacy vehicles, but instead of gas tanks and internal combustion engines, workers install lithium-ion battery packs made at… Read more »

Drayson Racing is first team to sign up for 2014 Formula E Championship

Drayson Racing Technologies announced at this week’s Low Carbon Racing Conference that its team intends to race in the inaugural season of the Formula E Championship in 2014. The FIA-sanctioned event will feature cars racing on the streets of 10 of “the world’s greatest cities,” powered exclusively by renewable electric energy. Drayson plans to field… Read more »

New study: using aluminum instead of steel can reduce the cost of an EV

Automakers are devoting a lot of effort to making cars lighter these days, and the quest is especially critical for builders of electric vehicles, as less weight can translate into more range…or lower cost. A German research institute called FKA has done a new study, at the behest of a pair of aluminum trade groups,… Read more »