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Schaeffler/Vitesco merger will create the largest global EV powertrain supplier

EV component suppliers Schaeffler and Vitesco Technologies Group have entered into a merger agreement. The transaction is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024. The two companies make components such as e-drives, power modules, BMS, control units, motors, steering systems and much more. Schaeffler recently built an electric version of the Ford… Read more »

Vitesco Technologies develops new power module for EV inverters

Vitesco Technologies, a drive and electrification solutions provider, is developing a transfer-molded power module for EV inverters. During the transfer molding process, the power electronics are sealed under a dielectric material that protects the components, making them robust, cost-effective and reliable, the company said. The power module consists of three over-molded half-bridges, and forms the… Read more »

Vitesco Technologies supplies e-drives to Honda

Vitesco Technologies, an electrification solutions supplier, is providing Honda’s new B-segment electric sport utility vehicle (SUV) with its third-generation integrated axle drive. The new B-segment SUV’s e:N Architecture F will be sold as e:Ny1 in Europe. The four-door e:Ny1 has a 412 km range under worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure (WLTP) test conditions. Vitesco’s… Read more »

Vitesco Technologies and ROHM sign long-term SiC supply partnership

Electrification solutions provider Vitesco Technologies has secured a supply of energy-efficient silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductors through a long-term contract with Japanese electronic parts manufacturer ROHM. The contract is worth over $1 billion and runs until 2030. This supply collaboration is based on a 2020 development agreement with ROHM. Two customers will use Vitesco Technologies’… Read more »

Vitesco Technologies and onsemi establish SiC supply deal

Vitesco Technologies, an electric powertrain supplier, and onsemi have announced a 10-year, $1.9-billion silicon carbide (SiC) supply deal for electrification technologies. Vitesco Technologies is investing $250 million in new SiC boule growth, wafer fabrication and epitaxy equipment for onsemi to assure its access to SiC capacity over the next 10 years and beyond. The equipment… Read more »

Vitesco Technologies presents new electric drive without rare earths

Vitesco Technologies has introduced an upgraded version of its electric axle drive platform for main and auxiliary drives that does not use rare earth elements. Vitesco’s fourth-generation Electronics Motor Reducer (EMR4) will be based on a non-permanent magnet rotor. This rotor powers an externally excited synchronous machine (EESM) without rare earths, which decreases rotor costs… Read more »

Vitesco Technologies receives 2 billion euros in BMS orders

Vitesco Technologies, an electric powertrain supplier, has received over 2 billion euros (about $1.94 billion) in orders for its BMS products. “We have signed contracts with global high-volume manufacturers, with premium car makers and with start-up companies—in all relevant markets,” says Vitesco Executive Board Member Thomas Stierle. The company says one of its contracts is… Read more »

Vitesco’s newest e-axle to power Hyundai’s Class B and C EVs

Electric powertrain supplier Vitesco Technologies has received a 2-billion-euro order for its new e-axle from Hyundai, which plans to use it in its forthcoming B and C segment EVs beginning in 2024. The EMR4 is the fourth generation of the Electronics Motor Reducer e-axle product line. The 3-in-1 unit is composed of a motor, power… Read more »

Vitesco to supply drive control units for Volkswagen EVs

Vitesco Technologies, a maker of electric powertrains, will provide drive control units for the Volkswagen ID.3.  “This product makes us part of Volkswagen’s electrification ecosystem, which is proof of our strong system and electronics expertise across the entire vehicle propulsion system and beyond,” said Vitesco VP Wolfgang Breuer. Vitesco developed the drive control unit for… Read more »

Vitesco and ROHM cooperate on silicon carbide power solutions

EV powertrain supplier Vitesco Technologies and silicon carbide specialist ROHM Semiconductor have signed a development partnership under which Vitesco will use ROHM’s SiC components to increase the efficiency of its EV power electronics.  “Energy efficiency is of paramount importance in an EV. As the traction battery is the only source of energy in the vehicle,… Read more »