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California environmental lawyer forecasts the future of state and federal emissions regulations

Q&A with environmental lawyer Maureen Gorsen California has led the nation in the fight against air pollution. The state has consistently implemented clean-air rules that are stricter than those imposed at the federal level, including the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate, which requires automakers to produce a certain number of electric vehicles. The Trump administration attempted… Read more »

Former EPA exec surveys the road ahead for US emissions standards

Q&A with former EPA exec Margo Oge Federal emissions and fuel economy regulations have been instrumental in encouraging (or coercing) automakers to produce EVs, and to make their legacy vehicles cleaner. Since President Nixon signed the Clean Air Act in 1963, federal regulations aimed at reducing air pollution have gradually grown stronger. Under President Obama,… Read more »

Cost-Effective And Flexible Manufacturing Of EV Battery Pack Enclosure With Sheet Metal And Laser-based Equipment

In this session, TRUMPF will introduce its approach to manufacturing EV battery pack enclosures with standard sheet metal machine tools and laser technologies. The techniques achieve production flexibility and cost efficiency, which are two important topics for EV manufacturers in the less predictable market situation. Presented by: Pierson Cheng, Industry Manager – Automotive, TRUMPF Inc… Read more »

Over 50 free EV engineering sessions confirmed: Charged Virtual Conference starts in two weeks

The Spring 2021 sessions list for the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering is out now. Just like the content Charged brings you every day, conference topics will span the entire EV engineering supply chain and ecosystem including motor and power electronics design and manufacturing, cell development, battery systems, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection,… Read more »

Is Workhorse still in the game? Lawmakers investigate Oshkosh trades, introduce bill to fund US Postal Service electrification

EV advocates (and investors in WKHS stock) were shocked and disappointed by the US Postal Service’s recent decision to award a 10-year contract to Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense to manufacture a new generation of postal delivery vehicles. The Workhorse Group, which specializes in EVs designed for last-mile delivery, and counts UPS and FedEx Express among its… Read more »

Innovative And Integrated Laser Welding And Stripping System For Large Scale eDrive Production

TRUMPF will present an innovative and integrated laser welding and stripping system for hairpin welding and stripping process that are being used in mass production. For stripping process, high power nano-second laser is used to selectively remove the isolation layer of the hairpin withtout damaging the copper surface. For welding, high power lasers with BrightLine… Read more »

Clean And Reliable Copper Welding With Green And IR Lasers For EV Battery And Power Electronics

The laser offers perfect properties for the welding of highly conductive and dissimilar materials. In this session, TRUMPF will present on how both the green and infrared wavelengths of lasers can be used to optimize these otherwise challenging applications. We will take a look into the manufacturing of batteries and power electronics and the various… Read more »