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Honda turns up the voltage in Europe: another new EV, no more diesels, no more hydrogen

Red-blooded Americans were disappointed at Honda’s announcement that its new Honda E city car will not be coming to the US, but we have to compliment the company on its electrifying plans for the European market. The E is scheduled to go on sale on the Continent in summer 2020 with a $33,000 price tag,… Read more »

Minnesota and New Mexico to become clean air states

As the federal government struggles to wrest control of emissions standards from state governments, two more states have announced plans to join the 13 that already enforce their own more stringent standards. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced that the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will begin the process of setting vehicle emission standards for automakers this… Read more »

Tesla non-pickup truck to be revealed in November

Tesla’s pickup truck is surely the most eagerly-awaited new vehicle since…well, Tesla’s last vehicle. Pickups are the biggest segment of the US auto market, and electrifying them will be a major, and necessary, turning point for EV adoption. Ford, GM and startup Rivian all have electric pickups in various stages of development, but Tesla is… Read more »

Four automakers make a deal with California on fuel efficiency

In a setback for the Trump administration’s campaign of sweeping away environmental regulations, four automakers have forged a deal with California that imposes only a moderate relaxation of the Obama-era federal fuel economy standards, rather than the radical rollback requested by the Republican regime. Regular Charged readers will be familiar with the story so far:… Read more »

Is Workhorse’s deal to buy Lordstown plant from GM to build electric pickup too good to be true?

News travels by strange paths these days. The world first learned of a tentative deal for electric truck maker Workhorse to buy GM’s idled Lordstown, Ohio plant via a self-congratulatory tweet by the President of the US. If the deal goes through, it could be a win-win-win-win: Workhorse might receive a windfall like the one… Read more »

Tesla’s Model 3 was the top-selling car in Switzerland in March

I’ve written so many articles about Switzerland being an EV laggard in Europe that it’s only fair to trumpet the news that the Swiss auto market has been “struck by Tesla lightning,” as the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, one of the country’s top daily newspapers, put it. Tesla’s Model 3 was the best-selling car of any… Read more »

GM lays off 15% of workforce, kills Volt, promises more EV investment

Seldom has the future of an industry turned sour so quickly. US automakers have enjoyed several years of record profits, but the wild ride is coming to a screeching halt as global trends point to a future of reduced demand, curtailed product lines and the need to invest large sums in new technologies. As part… Read more »

As EPA moves to water down fuel economy standards, GM tries to change the subject

The Trump administration is determined to roll back US fuel economy standards, but for now at least, it will have to go through a complex legally mandated process, including a period of public comments, a customary formality that ended last week. Also last week, GM issued a press release in which it made no comment… Read more »

Aluminum industry: Administration’s claim that lightweighting costs lives is false

Last week, the US DOT and EPA held public hearings on the Trump administration’s proposal to reverse existing federal fuel efficiency and emissions standards. The administration has attempted to justify the rollback of standards by claiming that higher fuel economy would lead to more highway fatalities because of the trend towards reducing the weight of… Read more »

Rollback of clean car standards slammed at public hearings

This week, the US DOT and EPA held three days of hearings to gather public comments on the Trump administration’s proposal to reverse existing federal fuel efficiency and emissions standards. At the hearings in Fresno, Dearborn, and Pittsburgh, hundreds of people, including physicians and health advocates, former EPA officials and technology entrepreneurs, environmental advocates and… Read more »