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Elon Musk named to president-elect Trump’s advisory team

As promised, the US president-elect is nothing if not unpredictable. Shortly after naming various oil industry insiders and science deniers to his cabinet, he not only invited fearless fossil fuel foe Elon Musk to a meeting of tech titans, but also announced that Musk will be on the president’s Strategic and Policy Team, a group… Read more »

Automakers already lobbying Trump to relax emissions standards

Barely two days after his election, US automakers contacted the new president-elect to urge him to “reform” federal regulation of the industry, including fuel economy, emissions, autonomy and safety standards. In a letter to the Trump transition team (via Automotive News), the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers proposed that the new administration pause the ongoing midterm evaluation… Read more »

Tesla posts highest quarterly sales ever, trumpets Model S cold weather performance

Tesla reported by far the highest sales in company history for the fourth quarter of 2013. With almost 6,900 vehicles sold and delivered, Tesla exceeded prior guidance by approximately 20%. The stock market was naturally pleased – TSLA shares soared 15% on the day of the news, and continued to inch higher the next day…. Read more »

Tesla vs auto dealers: Model S test drive trumps campaign cash

In its battle with auto dealers across the nation, Tesla has begun deploying its own lobbyists to take on the dealer groups’ well-financed troops. At the same time, another tactic may be even more effective – letting lawmakers drive a Model S themselves. Letting the car speak for itself seems to have done the trick… Read more »

Trade group asks administration to reinstate tariffs on Chinese graphite, critical material for EV batteries

The North American Graphite Alliance (NAGA), which represents US and Canadian producers of battery-grade graphite, has submitted a request to US Trade Representative Katherine Tai to reinstate Section 301 tariffs on three graphite products from China. The group also commissioned a market report from Oxford Economics that explains the rationale behind reinstating the tariffs, and… Read more »

US Postal Service unveils its first electric delivery vehicles and charging stations

What a long, strange trip it’s been. After deliberating about a long-overdue modernization of its vehicle fleet for nearly a decade, the US Postal Service (USPS) spent a couple more years trying to avoid complying with President Biden’s 2021 directive to electrify the federal vehicle fleet (of which USPS’s delivery fleet is the largest part)…. Read more »

The real reason Hertz is selling EVs

It’s the kind of headline EV boosters hate, and EV boo-birds trumpet: just two years after announcing that it would buy 100,000 Teslas and a raft of other EVs, rental giant Hertz announced that it would sell 20,000 of its Teslas and replace them with tried-and-true gas-guzzlers (at this writing, the company is offering around… Read more »

USPS finally sees the electric light, now plans to deploy over 60,000 EVs by 2028

Postal delivery vehicles arguably represent the perfect use case for EVs: they’re small, they drive short regular routes, and they return to central depots every day. Furthermore, in January 2021, President Biden announced a goal of replacing the massive US federal fleet with US-made electric vehicles, and the US Postal Service, which operates a delivery… Read more »