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New Innovative Laser Welding For Hermetic Seal Of Aluminum Alloys In EV

Aluminum alloys are commonly used materials for EV power electronics housing and cold plate. To achieve maximum packaged protection from environmental elements that could reduce reliability or cause leaking, hermetic seals on Aluminum alloys are often required. This presentation will introduce TRUMPF latest innovation on using a combination of BrightLine Weld Beam Shaping technology and… Read more »

EV battery testing: Improve your lab design and operation (Webinar)

EV adoption is growing, but the convenience of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles is still the benchmark. Exceeding market expectations depends on continual innovation in batteries. Intensive testing of EV batteries is crucial and EV manufacturers, suppliers, and test facilities need to make the best use of their battery test lab to ensure fast development…. Read more »

The redesigned federal EV tax credit and other EV-related measures

Unpacking the Inflation Reduction Act The recent passage of the Inflation Reduction Act—a sweeping package of tax, health care and climate measures—was like the happy ending to one of those heartwarming “Save Christmas” stories. We may never know what Machiavellian machinations persuaded Senator Manchin to release Santa Claus, but the merry old elf is coming… Read more »

USPS now says half its first order of new delivery vans will be EVs

In the ongoing War of the Postal Service, the EV advocates appear to have won a partial victory over the fossil fuel faction. In 2021, as the USPS made plans to update its ancient fleet of delivery vehicles, Postmaster and Trump supporter Louis DeJoy thumbed his nose at President Biden’s call to electrify the US… Read more »

States, NGOs, UAW all sue USPS over plans to buy gas delivery trucks

In the latest installment of “As the Postal Service Turns,” 16 US states, 4 environmental groups and the United Auto Workers union have filed lawsuits seeking to block the US Postal Service’s plan to buy mostly gas-powered next-generation delivery vehicles, arguing that the agency failed to comply with environmental regulations. Reuters reports that three separate… Read more »

Defense Production Act could boost domestic production of critical battery minerals

Shortages of battery materials represent a serious bottleneck that’s sabotaging environmental goals and costing consumers a bundle, and the supply crunch seems likely to be with us for some time. President Joe Biden has invoked the Defense Production Act in order to encourage domestic production of critical raw materials. Doing so added critical battery minerals… Read more »

NHTSA raises fines for automakers that violate fuel economy rules

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has reinstated a previously-enacted increase in penalties for automakers whose vehicles don’t meet fuel efficiency standards for model years 2019 and beyond. Federal fuel efficiency requirements have proven to be an effective incentive for legacy automakers to begin selling EVs (they have also saved drivers millions of dollars… Read more »

USPS orders 50,000 new delivery vehicles, 10,019 of them electric

In the latest episode of the soap opera As The Postal Service Turns (a tawdry tale that has been covered extensively in this space), the US Postal Service has doubled the number of EVs it will include in its first order for Next Generation Delivery Vehicles (NGDVs). The initial $2.98-billion order with Oshkosh Defense is… Read more »