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Comparing 10 leading EV motors: watch the free webcast

Ever wonder how today’s EV motors stack up against each other? Going beyond traditional product benchmarking, Munro & Associates has analyzed and compared 10 leading EV motors and developed a comprehensive side-by-side comparison report. In a new webcast session announced this week at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, Munro & Associates’ CEO Sandy… Read more »

Wall Street comfortably digests Tesla’s Q2 results

Tesla isn’t like other companies, and you can never tell how Wall Street will react to a particular quarterly earnings report. Like gourmands digesting a culinary oeuvre, those of us who aspire to be seen as wise have learned to wait a day or so to let things settle before passing judgement (or making stock… Read more »

More videos reveal BMW i3’s most intimate details

We’re used to seeing automobiles in various states of undress, but the BMW i3 is especially shameless, baring it all for the cameras of an ever-curious EV press. In January, the consulting firm Munro & Associates produced an entertaining video showing how its engineers took apart and reverse-engineered an i3. Now the firm has released… Read more »

BMW i3: “The most advanced vehicle on the planet” taken apart and reverse-engineered

The BMW i3 incorporates several extremely innovative features (as we noted in our August 2013 cover story), from its carbon fiber “life module” to its bottom-mounted battery pack to its unique optional range extender. In a recent Forbes article and accompanying video, Sandy Munro calls it “the most advanced vehicle on the planet…as revolutionary as… Read more »