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The Next Generation Of EV Technologies

Join this session for a discussion of advanced EV technologies including solid-state batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, mega-castings, and VTOLS. Presented by: Sandy Munro, CEO, Design Prophet, Munro & Associates

Over 50 free EV engineering sessions confirmed: Charged Virtual Conference starts in two weeks

The Spring 2021 sessions list for the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering is out now. Just like the content Charged brings you every day, conference topics will span the entire EV engineering supply chain and ecosystem including motor and power electronics design and manufacturing, cell development, battery systems, testing, powertrains, thermal management, circuit protection,… Read more »

Refreshed Tesla Models S and X to ditch lead-acid for Li-ion 12 V battery

Elon Musk and Sandy Munro covered a lot of ground in their recent video chat, discussing a great number of advances and improvements to Tesla’s vehicles and manufacturing processes. Here’s just one tidbit that many may have overlooked: beginning with the upcoming Model S/X refresh, Tesla plans to abandon the century-old lead-acid battery technology in… Read more »

Comparing 10 Leading EV Motors

Who Wins Out? Munro & Associates’ Analysis of Today’s Leading EV Electric Motors Ever wonder how today’s EV motors stack up against each other? Going beyond traditional product benchmarking, Munro & Associates Inc. has analyzed and compared 10 leading EV motors and developed a comprehensive side-by-side comparison report. Designed to help automakers and suppliers effectively… Read more »

Tesla’s Inverter Technology Versus Other BEVs

  A motor is nothing without power and controls. PM motor technology, Neodymium magnets, hairpins vs. windings, induction rotors with aluminum or copper core are meaningless if the inverter that controls all functions is not designed properly. During the session, Munro & Associates CEO Sandy Munro will address questions like: What is profound knowledge? When… Read more »

GM releases a little more info about its electric Hummer pickup

Love it or hate it, the electric Hummer is coming. GM recently released some more information about the battery-powered behemoth, including photos of the prototype vehicle being assembled, along with its battery pack. The Hummer EV will use GM’s new Ultium modular battery architecture, which is to be manufactured in a joint venture with Korean… Read more »

Tesla files patent for new type of stator

The diversity of electric motors used in today’s EVs is quite striking. Motor-makers have a huge range of choices, from materials to rotor and stator designs, and they’ve explored many different possibilities. In April, teardown specialist Sandy Munro analyzed 10 leading EV motors and developed a comprehensive side-by-side comparison report. Designing a motor involves trade-offs… Read more »

Tesla’s inverter technology versus other BEVs: watch the free webcast

Motor technology is meaningless if the inverter that controls all functions is not designed properly. In a new webcast session announced this week at the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, Munro & Associates’ CEO Sandy Munro will discuss what has Tesla done to take control of its own destiny. The webcast will include the… Read more »

Model Y: Tesla’s latest model is its most refined—and it continues to improve

Every Tesla model has arguably been a historic vehicle. The Roadster was the first EV to offer the performance and aesthetics that attract car buyers. Model S was the first mass-produced EV to deliver this combination, and Model X delivered it as an SUV. Model 3, the culmination of the company’s master plan, was the… Read more »