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Contactors for Disconnection of High Voltage DC for xEV Applications

Electrical currents in EV battery systems can flow in both directions, which can cause potentially dangerous situations during high voltage currents. As a result, contactors are used as a safety disconnection device for high voltage battery banks and DC chargers for xEV applications. However, these two applications for electric vehicles have vastly different requirements. Consequently,… Read more »

Infini-cell: Optimum Li-ion Cell Interconnection For Large Scale EV Battery Packs

The acceleration toward more affordable and autonomous EVs has supported the rapid shift toward more electrified vehicles. It has now become even more critical that all processes in the supply chain support the industry scale up. With an important share of the vehicle cost structure, significant improvements are expected at the battery pack material and… Read more »

Magna uses cloud connectivity to increase EV range and hybrid decrease emissions

Magna’s roadmap to e-mobility now includes the company’s new connected hybrid powertrains and EV drives. The company recently demonstrated both systems at its winter test driving site in northern Sweden. The Magna EtelligentEco, an intelligent, connected PHEV system, offers a cloud connectivity feature that allows it to perform several new functions. For example, it accounts… Read more »

High Volume Manufacturing Requirements For EV Battery Interconnect And Power Management Applications

E-mobility Product Development & Solutions. An insight to the total solutions in overcoming the challenges in meeting EV high-volume manufacturing requirements for battery interconnect and power management applications. Presented by: Ganesh Prasad KNDirector, Product Marketing, Wedge Bond BU, KULICKE & SOFFA Jason FuManager, Product Marketing, Wedge Bond BU, KULICKE & SOFFA Peter KlaernerSenior Manager, Field… Read more »

Connection To The Grid: Circuit Protection And Filtering Considerations For EV Charging

Connecting vehicles to the electrical grid poses significant challenges with respect to circuit protection from fault events and electro-magnetic interference (EMI). The source of these challenges may be generated from within the charger, come from the grid, or have their source from fault conditions within the vehicle itself. Simple steps need to be taken to… Read more »

Liquid Cooling For EV Charging And How To Spec Connectors

The more power used to deliver faster charging, the more heat that is generated. Effective thermal management via liquid cooling deals with the heat and these systems need couplings or secure connectors in order to deliver reliable ongoing operation of EV charging stations and EV battery systems. Attention to thermodynamic principles is critical yet the… Read more »

DERConnect will enable researchers to test integration of renewable energy and EV batteries into the power grid

The National Science Foundation has awarded $39 million to a team of engineers and computer scientists at the University of California San Diego to build a test bed to better understand how to integrate distributed energy sources and EV batteries into the power grid. “We will be replicating the entire California power grid on one… Read more »

EVSE provider SemaConnect secures investment from private equity firm Trilantic

SemaConnect, a provider of charging infrastructure solutions, has received a substantial minority investment from private equity firm Trilantic North America. Founder and CEO Mahi Reddy and COO Mark Pastrone each continue to own “meaningful equity stakes” in the business, and will lead the company through its next phase of growth. SemaConnect has sold over 10,000… Read more »