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Tesla reveals new dual-connector charging port

Tesla has unveiled a new charging port design for Models S and X, featuring dual connectors, which will initially be introduced only in China. The current charging port on Tesla vehicles features different connectors in different markets. In the US and Canada, it uses Tesla’s own proprietary connector; in Europe, it uses the standard Mennekes… Read more »

Nissan and EVgo to build I-95 Fast-Charge ARC connecting Boston and Washington DC

Nissan and EVgo have revealed a plan to connect Boston and Washington DC with nine DC fast-charge sites. The I-95 Fast Charge ARC is already under construction, and is scheduled to be in service this fall. There will be a total of 50 charging stations, each with both CHAdeMO and CCS connectors and a power… Read more »

New security system protects grid-connected EVs from cyberattacks

EVs and the smart grid are a powerhouse combination that enables a host of useful capabilities. However, being connected also entails security risks. EVs present unique cybersecurity challenges, because they can be attacked both electronically and physically. In a paper published in the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Jianying Zhou and Aldar Chan… Read more »

Leviton launches new 40-amp EV Charge Connector Assembly

Leviton has introduced a new 40-amp EV Charge Connector Assembly. The J1772-compliant connector assembly was designed for the Leviton Evr-Green family of EV chargers, and is rated at 40 amps of current or 9.7 kW of power. According to the company, it is designed to address an emerging trend for EVs to use larger on-board chargers. The… Read more »

EnerDel and B3CG Interconnect team up to develop batteries for Quebec school bus

The yellow school bus is going green in Quebec. Local firm B3CG Interconnect, a manufacturer of harness assemblies and electromechanical components, has partnered with battery supplier EnerDel to develop and manufacture traction batteries for Canadian school bus producer Lion Bus, which recently won a project from the Quebec Ministry to develop an all-electric school bus…. Read more »

Connecting the dots: EV charging hardware, software and services

More and more organizations are finding that it makes sense to offer EV charging to their employees and/or customers. However, installing and administering the charging stations, especially across a large enterprise, can be a complicated proposition. Not the least of the headaches is finding a way to quantify the return on investment (ROI) in charging… Read more »

Is the Ford/Tesla charging agreement as big a deal as everyone thinks?

Unless you’ve just emerged from an internet-free retreat, you’ve surely heard that Tesla and Ford are planning to cooperate to open up the former’s Supercharger network to drivers of the latter’s EVs. The announcement quickly took over every EV-related news feed. Is this deal really as “surprising,” “unprecedented” and “game-changing” as people are saying? Yes… Read more »