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TDK’s new temperature sensors protect high voltage DC connectors in EVs

TDK’s new high-voltage-resistant temperature sensors for connectors are designed to protect batteries operating at high voltages. The company designed these sensors to respond quickly, remain stable at high temperatures, and integrate directly into connectors. The company says its challenge in the design was finding a material with both high electrical insulation properties and strong thermal… Read more »

Contactors for Disconnection of High Voltage DC for xEV Applications

Electrical currents in EV battery systems can flow in both directions, which can cause potentially dangerous situations during high voltage currents. As a result, contactors are used as a safety disconnection device for high voltage battery banks and DC chargers for xEV applications. However, these two applications for electric vehicles have vastly different requirements. Consequently,… Read more »

Infini-cell: Optimum Li-ion Cell Interconnection For Large Scale EV Battery Packs

The acceleration toward more affordable and autonomous EVs has supported the rapid shift toward more electrified vehicles. It has now become even more critical that all processes in the supply chain support the industry scale up. With an important share of the vehicle cost structure, significant improvements are expected at the battery pack material and… Read more »

Magna uses cloud connectivity to increase EV range and hybrid decrease emissions

Magna’s roadmap to e-mobility now includes the company’s new connected hybrid powertrains and EV drives. The company recently demonstrated both systems at its winter test driving site in northern Sweden. The Magna EtelligentEco, an intelligent, connected PHEV system, offers a cloud connectivity feature that allows it to perform several new functions. For example, it accounts… Read more »