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Interconnect Solutions For EV Battery Management Systems

A Battery Management System (BMS) is made up of several electronic systems incorporating interconnect solutions that provide a connection path between the battery pack and various diagnostic, control and monitoring systems. In this webinar, you will learn about Amphenol’s solution for EV BMS and the need for efficient control and monitoring of an integrated battery… Read more »

Infini-Cell & InBat Fuse: Interconnection And Safety Optimization At The Battery Module Level

Module optimization within battery packs has become a major driver to support Electric Vehicle (EV) growth. In that regard, module safety, reliability, weight, and cost have been a major focus for new development and innovation at Mersen, a worldwide expert in electrical power devices. With improved thermal behavior and form factor, the Infini-Cell bus bar… Read more »

Critical Connections For EV Charging: Correctly Specifying Liquid Cooling Fluid Connectors

With fast- and extreme-fast EV charging, system manufacturers are quickly learning how and where to implement liquid cooling to keep powerful electronics components from overheating, failing, or causing damage. What is not broadly understood is which structural or performance characteristics of quick disconnect (QD) couplings need to be taken into account when spec’ing them into… Read more »

TDK’s new temperature sensors protect high voltage DC connectors in EVs

TDK’s new high-voltage-resistant temperature sensors for connectors are designed to protect batteries operating at high voltages. The company designed these sensors to respond quickly, remain stable at high temperatures, and integrate directly into connectors. The company says its challenge in the design was finding a material with both high electrical insulation properties and strong thermal… Read more »

Contactors for Disconnection of High Voltage DC for xEV Applications

Electrical currents in EV battery systems can flow in both directions, which can cause potentially dangerous situations during high voltage currents. As a result, contactors are used as a safety disconnection device for high voltage battery banks and DC chargers for xEV applications. However, these two applications for electric vehicles have vastly different requirements. Consequently,… Read more »