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Maersk’s APM Terminals explains why container port equipment must electrify

Ocean shipping is often cited as one of the most difficult transport segments to electrify, and with good reason. However, there’s one segment of the container shipping industry that should be fairly easy to cost-effectively electrify: container handling equipment (CHE) at ports. APM Terminals—a unit of Danish shipping giant Maersk that runs about 8% of… Read more »

New Flyer increases range of its 60-foot electric bus

Bus OEM New Flyer of America, a subsidiary of the NFI Group, is now offering the option of adding a seventh and eighth battery string to its 60-foot electric Xcelsior CHARGE NG model, which was introduced in 2021. According to NFI, this 33% increase in energy storage capacity adds approximately 46 miles of range. New… Read more »

The lowly refuse truck offers the perfect use case for electrification

Q&A with Mack Trucks’ Scott Barraclough Most followers of tech trends probably think of electric vehicles as luxury performance cars, but here at Charged, we get just as excited about commercial vehicles. As regular readers know, the electrification of trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles is quickly picking up, driven by both regulation and technological developments…. Read more »

MAHLE helps develop thermal management system for ProLogium’s solid-state EV batteries

Solid-state EV batteries may not represent the Holy Grail (despite the credulous gushings of mainstream media pundits), but they are expected to deliver improved safety, energy density and lifespan compared to current lithium-ion battery technology. Taiwan-based startup ProLogium Technology and automotive supplier MAHLE have signed an MoU for the development of a thermal management system… Read more »

Blue Bird premieres next-generation electric school bus

Blue Bird, maker of iconic yellow school buses, showed off its next-generation Vision Type C electric school bus at the recent STN Expo West, a trade show for the student transportation industry. The Vision’s powertrain was developed in partnership with Accelera, a business segment of engine-maker Cummins. The new electric school bus features a next-generation… Read more »

Anovion to invest $800 million in new US graphite anode materials manufacturing facility

Advanced materials company Anovion Technologies has selected Decatur County in Southwest Georgia as the location of its new manufacturing facility for the production of synthetic graphite anode materials. The Decatur County facility is expected to produce 40,000 metric tonnes of synthetic graphite anode material for lithium-ion batteries per year, according to the company. It will… Read more »

CATL’s new 500 Wh/kg battery could enable electrification of passenger aircraft

At this week’s Auto Shanghai, CATL announced a new battery technology that it says offers sufficient energy density to enable the electrification of passenger aircraft. CATL says its new condensed battery will offer specific energy (energy stored per unit of weight) of up to 500 Wh/kg, as well as “a high level of safety,” and… Read more »