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New Flyer’s Xcelsior electric bus completes demo for Miami-Dade Transit

New Flyer has completed a two-week in-service demonstration of its Xcelsior XE40 battery-electric transit bus with Miami-Dade Transit, the nation’s 15th-largest public transit system. The new e-bus logged 1,150 in-service miles and more than 1,800 passenger rides on 11 service routes throughout Miami and Dade County. The Xcelsior battery-electric bus features a Siemens electric drive… Read more »

EVs, renewables & energy storage: The unstoppable trio of energy’s future

The ripples of disruption: Q&A with Mike Calise The concept of disruption is often discussed in the fields of semiconductors, the internet, data, computers and software. But what about the energy industry? The world has been largely generating and consuming energy the same way for over a century. Charged talked to Mike Calise, Head of Electric… Read more »

ABB and BYD to collaborate on energy storage

Electronics giant ABB and Chinese automaker BYD have announced a strategic collaboration to develop new solutions for energy storage. The new partnership aims to accelerate the introduction of new solutions for EV charging, as well as stationary storage for renewable energy applications. The collaboration will focus on grid-connected energy storage, micro-grid applications, solar energy and… Read more »

We need more energy: Envia Systems’ 400 Wh/kg Li-ion cells

Envia Systems crushed the record for energy density of an automotive rechargeable Li-ion battery at 400Wh/kg. Now all the small start-up has to do is partner with everybody, become the industry standard, and change the world.  Most of us know the public library as a place to get some free Wi-Fi, meet up with people for… Read more »

WeaveGrid collaborates with Toyota to enable V2G integration with selected utilities

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology is expected to support a cleaner, more resilient electrical grid, while enabling EV owners to save money while charging their vehicles. However, some sort of managed charging platform will be needed to match up EV owners with local utilities. Software provider WeaveGrid, in collaboration with Toyota, has developed just such a platform…. Read more »

WeaveGrid and Wallbox to offer utility-managed smart charging, starting in Colorado

California-based EV charging software developer WeaveGrid and Spanish EV charging equipment supplier Wallbox have partnered to expand North American Wallbox owners’ access to utility-managed charging programs, beginning with Xcel Energy’s Charging Perks Program in Colorado. The program optimizes residential EV charging times to align with low power grid demand and high availability of renewable energy… Read more »

California’s Green Raiteros use EVs to provide free rides to low-income and elderly residents

The benefits of new technology generally flow downward from the top of the income ladder, and lower-income communities tend to be the most affected by pollution and environmental damage. However, in one California town, low-income residents are breathing a little cleaner air and enjoying the benefits of e-mobility, thanks to a local community group called… Read more »

Retailers fear Minnesota legislation would allow utilities to corner EV charging market

Should electric utilities be allowed to own EV charging stations? In a free-market economy, it’s generally considered unhealthy for companies that produce a product or service to also own the distribution channels—that’s why liquor companies don’t own bars (in the US), and airlines don’t own airports. For an example of the evils that can result… Read more »

New California rule could increase participation in time-of-use rate programs

An increasing number of utilities are offering time-of-use (TOU) rate plans, which incentivize EV owners to schedule charging at off-peak times. However, as Canary Media reports, some utilities require customers to install redundant separate electrical meters at their own expense in order to take part in TOU programs, even though many EV charging stations can… Read more »

Wisconsin regulators consider mandatory EV programs for large utilities

Wisconsin regulators are considering requiring utilities to develop pilot charging programs for residential customers. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the state’s Public Service Commission voted to request utility feedback on a draft order that would require Wisconsin’s five largest utilities to submit plans for approval next year. For the state’s 120 or so smaller… Read more »