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The heavy-duty electric truck market could break out in 2024

Electrifying heavy-duty trucks is essential if we’re to fight climate change and air pollution, but the pace of the transition has been painfully slow—many, many pilots, but few truly large-scale orders. For example, shipping giant Schneider acquired 92 Freightliner eCascadias in 2023—a good start, but only that, considering that the company currently operates over 10,000… Read more »

Electric taxis in Austria use automated charging system as the country phases out fossil-fueled taxis

Taxis in Austria are going electric. Starting in 2025, only emission-free taxis will be allowed (unlike some countries currently in the news, Austria has shown no signs of reneging on this pledge). Automated EV charging can greatly facilitate taxi electrification, as e-taxis can charge automatically while waiting at taxi stands. The eTaxi Austria project has… Read more »

How to improve EV traction motor efficiency

A look at improving motor efficiency in two main categories: electrical and mechanical. Regular readers of Charged don’t need to be told that the typical EV drivetrain is way more efficient from battery to wheels than its ICE-based equivalent, but it is perhaps less well-known that the approximate drivetrain efficiency ranges from 75-90% for the… Read more »

SAE International updates standard for bidirectional EV/charger communication

The SAE International Hybrid Communication and Interoperability Task Force has completed an extensive revision of SAE Standard J2847/2: Communication Between Plug-in Vehicles and Off-Board DC Chargers. This update is the first step towards the goal of enabling EV and charging station providers to use the same communication code for bidirectional DC charging, including Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)… Read more »

EVBox introduces 400 kW EVBox Troniq High Power charging station

Amsterdam-based EVSE company EVBox has launched the Troniq High Power, its first stand-alone 400 kW charging station to be field-proven, according to EVBox. The company expects to begin fulfilling orders in September 2023 in key European markets and aims to produce up to 2,000 units this year. The charger is available with 320 kW, 360… Read more »

Clearing the roadblocks to electrification of heavy-duty trucks

Q&A with electric truck expert Rustam Kocher Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles make up a small fraction of the vehicles on the road, but they generate a disproportionate amount of pollution. Therefore, electrifying them is critical to reducing emissions. Furthermore, the case for electric trucks and buses would seem to be an easy one to make…. Read more »

Nissan to adopt Tesla’s NACS for Ariya and future EV models

Nissan has reached an agreement with Tesla to adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) beginning in 2025, becoming the first Japanese automaker to do so. This will be the third fast charging standard for Nissan, which used the CHAdeMO standard before switching to CCS in 2020. From 2024, Nissan will make available a NACS… Read more »

New designs for compact power converters in EV charging applications  (Webinar)

New designs for power converters demand compact, high power density components and are increasingly using higher switching frequencies. This has become a real challenge for magnetic component designers to overcome the extra losses created by large air gaps necessary for transformers and resonant inductors, those related to fringing effect. Join this webinar at next week’s… Read more »

How ridesharing can help solve the challenge of urban EV ownership

Q&A with Revel COO Paul Suhey. New York-based Revel is riding two timely trends. Because rideshare vehicles log so many miles, electrifying them can deliver outsize emissions reductions—and drivers for the likes of Lyft and Uber will need strategically located urban charging hubs. Meanwhile, millions of drivers in dense cities like New York live in… Read more »