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How charge management can reduce OpEx and CapEx for EV fleet projects

Q&A with The Mobility House Business Development Manager Sam Hill-Cristol If there’s one topic that everyone in the EV infrastructure field is talking about these days, it’s charge management. As organizations of all sizes electrify their vehicles, they often find that power consumption is a major constraint. Charging stations, especially those that serve large fleets… Read more »

The Three Pillars of a fleet electrification project—don’t forget about charge management

Obviously, any fleet electrification project is going to include vehicles and charging hardware. However, don’t forget another critical part of the equation: a charge management system. For many—or probably, most—fleet operators, power consumption is a major constraint. Charging stations that serve large fleets and/or heavy-duty vehicles suck up vast amounts of power. Using charge management… Read more »

Kaluza launches V2X trial with Volkswagen Group UK

Bidirectional charging and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) are two of the buzziest terms in the EV world these days—but the two aren’t quite the same thing. The former is an enabling technology for the latter, which is a package of applications that include using an EV as a backup power source and providing services to electric utilities… Read more »

Stellantis and Qinomic to develop EV retrofit solution for light commercial vans

Stellantis and Qinomic, a sustainable mobility and retrofitting equipment manufacturer, have partnered to develop a retrofit solution to convert fossil-powered commercial vans (LCVs to our British mates) to electric drivetrains. The electric retrofit solution aims to protect freedom of mobility with an affordable option that meets customer needs to extend the lives of their vehicles… Read more »

Eaton showcases smart breaker EV charging technology

Power management company Eaton has expanded the residential demonstration area within its Experience Center in Pittsburgh. As vehicle electrification continues to have a cascading impact on energy infrastructure, Eaton installed its latest smart breakers and EV charging infrastructure to show visitors how these technologies can contribute to home energy management strategies for the benefit of… Read more »

Automakers and infrastructure providers ask UK government for ZEV mandate

It’s anybody’s guess where the UK government stands on e-mobility and clean energy these days. Whatever one may think of Boris Johnson, he at least talked a green game, and his administration implemented some constructive pro-EV policies. His ill-fated successor put climate change deniers in charge of environmental policy, pushed a vast expansion of oil… Read more »

VisIC and Kyocera expand collaboration on high-current components

Semiconductor manufacturer VisIC Technologies and sensor and control unit company Kyocera AVX Salzburg—a subsidiary of Kyocera AVX—are expanding their collaboration on high-current power components designed for high-voltage applications including e-drivetrains and charging. “Together with Kyocera AVX Salzburg, we will provide packaged discrete GaN devices and die-based power modules for major EV OEM and Tier 1… Read more »