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Wildcat Discovery Technology creates new experiments to accelerate battery research

The pulse of the industry: Wildcat Discovery Technology is at the forefront of battery research, solving problems and accumulating insight. When Charged wants to catch up on the newest trends in cutting-edge battery technology, there are a few companies we turn to for insight. At the top of the list is a group whose high-speed… Read more »

Qualcomm and Daimler collaborate on connected cars

Qualcomm Technologies and Daimler have announced a strategic collaboration focused on connectivity. In the first phase, the companies will focus on 3G/4G connectivity and the Qualcomm Halo Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging (WEVC) technology. Qualcomm’s Wireless Power Transfer 2.0 program not only provides the ability to charge EVs and PHEVs without having to physically plug them… Read more »

Battery giants square off for court battle over lithium-ion patents

Two of the world’s biggest industrial companies are preparing for a high-stakes court battle over an arcane battery chemistry, and the outcome could have important implications for next-gen EVs, according to Quartz. Chemical colossus BASF and the Argonne National Laboratory have filed a lawsuit against Belgian battery-maker Umicore, accusing it of selling a battery component to… Read more »

Tesla has picked over 150 employees from Apple

Disruptive technology in an elegantly designed package that sells itself – that’s the formula that’s been working wonders for two American companies. The parallels between Tesla and Apple, and the fact that quite a few employees have made a move from the computermaker to the carmaker, isn’t news, but a recent Bloomberg article puts some… Read more »

EaglePicher awarded funding to produce Li-ion batteries for military applications

The US Department of Defense has awarded EaglePicher, a company with a long history in the defense industry, $22 million in funding for Phase II of the Lithium-Ion Battery for Military Applications (LIMA) project. The program’s goal is to assure the affordable production of items deemed essential for national defense. “This award assures EaglePicher will… Read more »

Johnson Matthey acquires A123’s cathode materials plant

Johnson Matthey has completed its acquisition of A123 Systems’ cathode materials manufacturing facility in Changzhou, China. The plant produces lithium iron phosphate (LFP), the cathode material that A123 has been using. The companies have signed a long-term supply agreement by which Johnson Matthey will supply all of A123’s LFP requirements. Johnson Matthey will produce A123’s… Read more »

Mercedes reveals details of S 500 Plug-in Hybrid as deliveries begin

Mercedes has released some more details on its S 500 Plug-in Hybrid, which is scheduled to begin deliveries in Germany this month. The plug-in Benz sports a V6 biturbo engine, an 85 kW electric motor, an 8.7 kWh water-cooled lithium-iron phosphate battery, and a 3.6 kW on-board charger. The high-voltage battery and plug-in components are covered… Read more »

CD-adapco’s new set of battery simulation tools

CD-adapco has developed a set of Li-ion battery simulation tools designed to enable faster design and development of EV power systems. The new technology is available within CD-adapco’s flagship software package STAR-CCM+ and the application-specific Battery Design Studio. The new software tools were developed as part of the DOE’s Computer Aided Engineering of Electric Drive Batteries… Read more »

Next-generation Volt to debut in Detroit in January

The next-generation Chevrolet Volt will debut at next January’s Detroit Auto Show. GM has released a teaser image of the new model, which seems to have a slightly more rounded rear liftgate. Other than that, little has been revealed about the second-generation PHEV. In April, supplier sources hinted that the Volt would be offered in… Read more »