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New paper: Planning public charging networks is NP-hard

A group of researchers from Hong Kong Baptist University have released a paper that addresses the problems of planning the locations of public charging stations. In Electric Vehicle Charging Station Placement: Formulation, Complexity, and Solutions, Albert Lam et al look at the issue from the standpoint of Hong Kong, which has ambitious plans to encourage… Read more »

BASF expands battery R&D facility

BASF has announced that it will invest $25 million to renovate and expand its R&D facility in Beachwood, Ohio. In addition to the existing catalyst and battery materials research, the facility is being renovated to make space for a new cathode materials research team. Construction is underway and completion is expected in early 2014. The… Read more »

Around the EV world in 1,000 blog posts

This is my 1,000th blog post for Charged and, since I don’t care for Champagne, I’ll celebrate the occasion by writing myself a little pat on the back and a fond recap. Since I began in October 2011, I’ve written a couple of these every day, and I’ve covered a huge variety of topics, including:… Read more »

Multiphase cooling: CapTherm’s technology takes the heat off

Canada’s CapTherm Systems’ multiphase cooling technology could take the heat off of EV batteries and charging stations more efficiently, taking up less space using fewer materials while improving longevity and performance. Charged takes an early peek at this innovation before it goes commercial next year. If you’ve never dropped your smartphone 10 feet onto pavement,… Read more »

3M licenses NMC cathode technology to Chinese firm Reshine

3M has agreed to license several of its patents for nickel, manganese and cobalt (NMC) cathode technology to China-based Hunan Reshine New Material Company.  3M’s NMC cathode technology uses proprietary layered mixed metal oxide formulations of nickel, manganese and cobalt. By changing the composition and morphology, the balance of power, energy, and safety characteristics can… Read more »

Wildcat Discovery Technologies’ new cathode materials

We first told you about Wildcat Discovery Technologies back in the October/November 2012 issue of Charged. It is a venture-backed start-up in Southern California that has developed proprietary methods for rapidly synthesizing energy-storage materials. The company boasts that one of its busy scientists can produce 400 to 500 different battery materials at the same time… Read more »

Better Place saga ends in tragedy

When Better Place was founded in 2007, it was a promising new company, with a visionary leader in Israeli entrepreneur Shai Agassi, and several good ideas, notably a strategy of concentrating on places that are likely to be early adopters of electrification (Israel, Denmark, Hawaii). Better Place raised around $850 million from investors, and got… Read more »

OXIS Energy bets on lithium-sulfur

Though it may have a stinky reputation, sulfur could set EVs on the path to total ICE replacement if energy-dense, low-weight lithium-sulfur batteries become the norm. British-based OXIS Energy is banking its business on it. If American clean energy industries are to take full advantage of the emerging lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery chemistry, they just may… Read more »

McLaren P1 delivers instant torque with twin power plants

The McLaren P1 looks like it belongs on a race track, but its maker hints that this “production-ready version” might someday be an option for your daily commute. The super-PHEV, which will make its world debut at next week’s Geneva Motor Show, uses the combined force of a V8 gas engine and an electric motor… Read more »