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US/Chinese/Korean research team details the challenges of Li-air battery research

Lithium-air batteries are widely expected to be the next big thing – more than 300 research papers have been published on the topic in the past 3 years. Li-air has the potential to deliver far more energy density than current lithium-ion technology. A new review in the ACS journal Chemical Reviews sums up the current… Read more »

New microscopy technique gives researchers a better look inside batteries

Electricity may seem invisible, but storing it in batteries has some very physical effects. As a battery is charged and discharged, electrons and ions rush around from place to place, sometimes causing electrodes to change their shapes over time. As researchers experiment with improved electrode materials, it’s critical to get a microscopic view of what… Read more »

Berkeley Lab researchers get to the root of the lithium anode problem

In the quest for higher energy density, the use of lithium metal anodes would seem to be a promising approach, if it weren’t for those doggone dendrites. Dendrites are microscopic fibers of lithium, which sprout, tree-like, from the surface of the lithium electrode and spread through the electrolyte until they reach the other electrode, possibly… Read more »

A123 and SolidEnergy work together on safer, 800 Wh/kg battery chemistry

A123 Venture Technologies, the R&D subsidiary of the mercurial manufacturer of EV batteries, has announced a strategic partnership with MIT startup SolidEnergy. SolidEnergy’s solid electrolyte technology enables the use of lithium metal anodes for high energy density batteries. The new partnership combines SolidEnergy’s Solid Polymer Ionic Liquid (SPIL) electrolyte with the cell design and prototyping… Read more »

University of Colorado researchers to commercialize new solid-state battery

The University of Colorado Boulder (CU) has signed an agreement with Solid Power LLC, a spin-off company, to develop and commercialize a solid-state battery technology that has the potential to greatly improve EV range. Solid Power, founded by Se-Hee Lee and Conrad Stoldt, both associate professors of mechanical engineering, was recently awarded a $3.4 million… Read more »

Electric car sharing takes off in Paris, stalls in Berlin

Some see car sharing as a killer app for EVs – users make short journeys, return the cars to central locations, and pay per trip, so they don’t have to worry about high up-front costs. Others are more skeptical, pointing out that some customers are non-car owners who want to use shared cars to get… Read more »

OXIS Energy bets on lithium-sulfur

Though it may have a stinky reputation, sulfur could set EVs on the path to total ICE replacement if energy-dense, low-weight lithium-sulfur batteries become the norm. British-based OXIS Energy is banking its business on it. If American clean energy industries are to take full advantage of the emerging lithium-sulfur (Li-S) battery chemistry, they just may… Read more »