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Issue 28 – November/December 20169


  • Seaworthy EVs: Leclanché designs and manufactures Li-ion cells and systems
  • Chroma Systems Solutions invests in the next generation of EV testing products
  • 2017 Prius Prime: Toyota launches an all new PHEV that some call “the best Prius ever”
  • Turnkey drivetrains: UQM, Eaton and Pi Innovo collaborate to help build better heavy-duty EVs
  • ITT Cannon introduces new fast charging hardware to the next generation of EVs
  • An airbag for battery packs: PyroPhobic says its unique thermoplastics will stop thermal runaway
  • Will America maintain its EV lead?
  • VW to provide $2 billion for ZEV infrastructure, drawing criticism and praise from insiders

Issue 27 – September/October 2016


  • LORD Corporation builds on its work potting electric motors, reducing hot spots by up to 40%
  • BMW electrifies its best-selling model: the 330e iPerformance PHEV launches in the US
  • Engineered Materials Solutions brings a century of clad metal experience to batteries
  • eluminocity combines street lighting and EV charging to save costs and enable smart cities
  • Survey results: Utilities and EV charging
  • Utilities coming off the sidelines in the EV market
  • Torque Trends offers plug-and-play electrification for fleet conversions

Issue 26 – July/August 2016


  • Wireless charging and autonomous vehicles will mobilize the smart city
  • Bender launches a new off-the-shelf automotive-grade isolation monitoring device for EVs
  • WattZilla designs its high-power charging stations to be the first and last EVSE you buy
  • Arbin’s new battery testing equipment offers a glimpse into the future with ultra-high precision
  • The inevitability of electric buses
  • Rimac Automobili invents the Croatian auto industry

Issue 25 – May/June 2016


  • Evercar brings its fleet of EVs to Uber, Lyft, Instacart and other on-demand services
  • More motor options: TM4 launches new powertrain products with increased torque and speed ranges
  • Improving aerodynamic modeling: Combining airflow dynamics with vehicle-handling models
  • Tesla Model 3: What we know and what we don’t know
  • Cyber-security or cyber-resilience?
  • ChargePoint launches updated hardware and management platform targeting fleet operators
  • Solar synergies: The market for solar carports expands alongside growing interest in EVs

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