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Issue 34 – November/December 2017


  • The Goldilocks zone: Calienté explains that battery pack heating is just as important as cooling
  • EV Safe Charge installation service connects the dots for EV buyers
  • A redesigned Nissan LEAF arrives in 2018, joining the new generation of plug-ins
  • A closer look at power factor correction
  • From rapid prototyping to EV production with Pi Innovo’s M560 OpenECU
  • VGI’s coming of age: Automakers, utilities and charging companies are developing business models for vehicle-grid integration
  • Battery power in marine applications: Questions and concerns

Issue 33 – September/October 2017


  • Making a motor: Many automakers rely heavily on third party motor-winding experts like Odawara Engineering
  • PowerFlex says its Adaptive Load Management is the best technology to balance EV charging loads
  • Bel Power Solutions sees strong growth in industrial electrification and its auxiliary power products
  • A closer look at wire in EVs
  • Tesla Model 3: Will this machine kill the Oil Age?
  • What’s going to happen with US emissions regulations?
  • Continental says its AllCharge system will provide maximum power, no matter the charging station

Issue 32 – July/August 2017


  • Flying electric: Both startups and industry giants push ahead with electric airplanes
  • A closer look at rare earth permanent magnets
  • Mitsubishi Electric increases reliability of automotive power modules with direct lead bonding
  • Dynamic wireless charging: What’s feasible? Q&A with Qualcomm’s Graeme Davison
  • VGI: California’s cooperative effort to capitalize on EV-grid potential

Issue 31 – May/June 2017


  • Alta Motors says its electric dirt bike has world-class energy density
  • MSC’s laminated steel and aluminum will reduce noise and vibration while cutting mass
  • Workhorse CEO on the company’s new plug-in hybrid pickup truck and its expansive plans for the future
  • WattZilla’s launches new EVSE trade-in program as it’s Black Mamba and Wall Wattz receive safety certification
  • The technical reasons Tesla would limit supercharging speed, and other practical charging considerations
  • The US is generating plenty of power, ready and waiting for EVs

Issue 30 – March/April 2017


  • Tesla’s chief motor engineer discusses the potential of next-generation motor technologies
  • Tritium opens a US office to support its stylish and capable DC fast charging products
  • EV fast charging in transition: What’s currently installed, coming soon and still years away?
  • New Eagle teams up with Inventev to offer electric Ford Transit vans
  • LORD is developing a rotary band brake aimed at automotive thermal management systems
  • Carpenter Technology develops a new soft magnetic alloy with key benefits for EV motors
  • Hyundai launches Ioniq with three distinct powertrain choices: EV, PHEV and hybrid

Issue 29 – January/February 2017


  • Many of the best-selling EV charging stations on Amazon are not safety-tested and certified
  • Southwest Research Institute consortium conducts independent battery benchmarking
  • 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV: The era of long-range, mid-priced EVs is here
  • Wolfspeed launches a new silicon carbide MOSFET for EV inverters
  • Navigant Research analyzes how transition to shared vehicles will effect energy markets
  • California’s big three utilities submit proposals to increase access to EV infrastructure

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