Schumacher to use GreenMarbles services for installation and distribution of its EV Series products

Charger manufacturer Schumacher Electric reports that GreenMarbles, an “enterprise sustainable solutions integrator,” will act as a wholesale distributor of Schumacher’s EV Series chargers to builders and solar and utility companies, and will also serve as its primary installation partner for residential and commercial customers. In 2022, Schumacher launched its EV Level 2 Charger, which delivers… Read more »

Electra Vehicles raises $21 million for its battery pack optimization software

Boston-based Electra Vehicles produces cloud-based and onboard software designed to optimize the performance of EV battery systems. The company recently raised $21 million in an oversubscribed investment round led by Italian VC firm United Ventures. Other investors include Stellantis Ventures and BlackBerry Limited. Electra says its software solutions improve battery pack range, lifetime and safety… Read more »

DOE and DOT award $7 million for electric truck charging, hydrogen projects

The DOE has awarded $7.4 million to seven projects to develop medium- and heavy-duty EV charging and hydrogen infrastructure plans across 23 states. The seven projects receiving the money span the country, and address the drayage, regional haul and long-haul sectors. “A clean transportation sector requires vast investments across the entire industry, including to decarbonize… Read more »

Volvo CE investing in electric wheel loaders

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) reports that, as part of its efforts to become fossil-free by 2040, it is investing SEK65 million, or about $6.3 million, in the production of electric wheel loaders at its plant in Arvika, Sweden. Volvo CE says its plans for the facility, which will specialize in the production of medium… Read more »

Microvast provides battery packs for REE Automotive’s commercial EV platforms

Battery manufacturer Microvast will provide its MV-C Gen 4 HpCO lithium-ion battery packs to REE Automotive for use in REE’s P7 EV systems. Microvast says its vertical integration and unique battery technology and cell chemistry combine to meet REE’s power, density, charging time and cycle life needs. “Microvast’s MV-C Gen 4 battery pack is a… Read more »

The Three Pillars of a fleet electrification project—don’t forget about charge management

Obviously, any fleet electrification project is going to include vehicles and charging hardware. However, don’t forget another critical part of the equation: a charge management system. For many—or probably, most—fleet operators, power consumption is a major constraint. Charging stations that serve large fleets and/or heavy-duty vehicles suck up vast amounts of power. Using charge management… Read more »

CATL adopts use of Toyocolor conductive carbon nanotube battery materials

Chinese battery-maker CATL has chosen to use Japan-based Toyocolor‘s Lioaccum conductive carbon nanotube (CNT) dispersion for its high-capacity Li-ion batteries. The batteries will be installed in mass-produced vehicles beginning in 2024.  According to Toyocolor, its Lioaccum dispersion CATL contributes to expanded battery capacity and energy density through adoption of highly conductive CNTs. Battery cathodes consist… Read more »

Taylor ZLC container handler to use Rocsys autonomous charging system

Container handler manufacturer Taylor Machine Works will implement a robotic charging system from Rocsys for its second-generation ZLC electric container handler. Rocsys says robotic charging of EVs provides charging at scale around the clock without the need for human interaction at the vehicle, enabling dependable, fast charging with reduced wear and tear on charging cables… Read more »