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Dürr to supply Cellforce with specialized electrode coating process

The Dürr Group will supply German battery manufacturer Cellforce Group, a joint venture between Porsche and battery company Customcells, with electrode coating for high-performance battery cells. Dürr says its process for coating electrodes is unique, because the two sides are not coated one after the other, but simultaneously. This accelerates the process, increases precision and… Read more »

Pickering Interfaces launches simulator for BMS validation

Signal switching and simulation company Pickering Interfaces has launched a new family of battery simulator modules for EV battery stack emulation in battery management system test applications. The 41-752A (PXI) and 43-752A (PXIe) modules enable direct voltage and current readback either through programming or using Pickering’s soft panel control. Accuracy of each cell simulator is… Read more »

HIU researchers develop high-energy-density lithium metal cell with good stability

Researchers at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU) have developed a new lithium metal battery that they say offers an extremely high specific energy of 560 watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) based on the total weight of the active materials. The team used a nickel-rich cathode that allows a large amount of energy to be stored, and… Read more »

GaN Systems and EPowerlab partner on new DC/DC converter

GaN Systems and engineering services firm EPowerlabs have partnered to develop a high-density DC/DC power converter (DDC48-1K) for a wide range of 48 V mobility applications for consumer, industrial and automotive customers. The companies say the new GaN converter is smaller and lighter than standard converters.  The converter’s input range is 24-60 VDC, and the… Read more »

Infineon half-bridge power module can reach 50 kW and 230 A

Infineon has released the EasyPACK 2B EDT2, a flexible and scalable half-bridge power module. The 750 V device can reach a maximum power of up to 50 kW and current of 230 A rms. The module is optimized for inverter applications in hybrid and electric vehicles. The main feature of the EDT2 technology is higher… Read more »

Amprius partners with US Army to develop silicon anode batteries for unmanned aircraft

Amprius Technologies has been awarded a contract with the US Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office. The 18-month rapid prototyping contract includes the design, development, and validation of high-energy-density silicon anode lithium-ion batteries to be used in unmanned aircraft system applications. Amprius offers a silicon anode battery with high energy density in commercially available… Read more »

TE Connectivity’s GreenSilver contact surface tech claims improved sustainability

TE Connectivity has announced its GreenSilver contact surface technology for connectors, which features a green coating that delivers needed performance while improving sustainability.  The GreenSilver contact surface technology on TE’s new connectors uses less precious metal, less energy and less water, and also helps to reduce pollution by improving performance in EVs. It’s designed to… Read more »

Fortistar invests in nanocarbon supplier Nanoramic 

Nanocarbon supplier Nanoramic has secured a substantial investment from private investment firm Fortistar. Nanoramic has raised over $75 million to date to develop and commercialize Neocarbonix, its nanocarbon electrode technology. As a part of the Fortistar investment, Nanoramic will add Chuck Bryceland to the company’s board of directors.  The company claims that its Neocarbonix 3D… Read more »

SAE releases recommended practice for safe battery testing

SAE International has released SAE J2464: Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Rechargeable Energy Storage System (RESS) Safety and Abuse Testing, a revised recommended practice for establishing safe battery systems. Originating in 1999 when the industry recognized the need for safety and abuse testing of battery systems in the mobility sector, the revised J2464 recommended practice… Read more »

Liebherr automates assembly of pluggable battery pack module connectors

Liebherr, in partnership with KOSTAL, has released an automated connection system for battery pack module connectors. Compared with screwed and rigid busbars, plug connections with flexible cables offer easier assembly and disassembly, because the flexible lines can compensate for positioning tolerances of several millimeters in the battery modules. The contact parts are touch-protected to remove… Read more »