Design Of Efficient And High-Power Density DC/DC Converter

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  • Patrice Brutinel, Technical Sales Director, Silicon Mobility.

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Apr 5, 2022, 8:00 am EDT

DC/DC converters are key elements of electrified powertrain delivering the necessary power on-demand at the right voltage. The multiplicity of types (HV/HV, HV/LV), isolated or not, mono-directional or bidirectional, and the diversity of power topology push designers to select a digital controller versatile and powerful enough to address all configurations.

But a new generation of DC/DC converters is required to offer higher power density and best efficiency while supporting higher voltage (up to 900V). This next generation of DC/DC converter will use wide bandgap power devices, such as SiC and GaN, that allow faster switching frequency while limiting switching losses, and open the path to the downsizing of the passive components and the reduction of the cooling constraints. And, as power is nothing without control, a new generation of the digital controller is required as well.

In this presentation, you will learn how Silicon Mobility’s OLEA T222 FPCU and OLEA LIB, its control software library, enable the design of efficient, safe, and high-power density DC/DC converters. The unprecedented processing capability of OLEA will be covered including its ability to run at a high-speed demanding current control loop (peak current mode control up to 500kHz), on several phases in parallel and independently (up to 6 phases) and with high switching frequency (up to 500 kHz).

We will go over different use cases around the most popular power topologies such as Phase Shift Full-Bridge, Multi-Phase, and Full-Bridge LLC Resonant.

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