Key Questions Answered in High Power EV Charge Profiles And Mitigation Studies

Presented by:

  • Daniel S Dobrzynski, Electrical Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory

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Apr 4, 2022, 8:00 am EDT

Long recharge times of EVs are considered one of the major impediments to widespread consumer adoption. As the entire industry is identifying solutions to meeting aggressive recharge targets, the U.S. Department of Energy and its National Laboratories are also actively working on characterizing High Power EV Charging progress, analyzing gird impacts, and developing mitigation strategies.

This presentation highlights two DOE Vehicle Technology Office-sponsored projects focused on charge performance characterization and grid impact mitigation strategies.

The ‘NextGen Profiles’ project focuses on characterizing light, medium, and heavy-duty EV charge performance, and boundary condition effects on charging profiles. The project is actively collaborating with industry to gather real-world data of next generation, fast-charge EVs and high power capable charging stations.

The ‘DirectXFC’ project studies grid impact mitigation strategies such as incentivizing high power charging in areas of less congestion and implementation of dispatched battery energy storage. Argonne National Laboratory has a unique role within this project that includes a Hardware-in-the-Loop component where dual 350kW charging stations are co-located with a 1MW capable 660kWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

The outputs of these projects are designed to help answer key questions such as:
  • What are the EV charge profiles the grid will encounter?

  • What are the expected charging ramp rates, system limits, and charging efficiencies?

  • What are the impacts and technical limitations of co-located charging with energy storage?

The project results are intended to aid industry, research teams, and other stakeholders as they make critical decisions with respect to grid planning efforts, charge depot sizing and DER integration, and effective smart charging strategies.

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