Critical Connections For EV Charging: Correctly Specifying Liquid Cooling Fluid Connectors

Presented by:

  • Kira Switalla, Applications Engineer, Thermal Business Unit at CPC

  • Andres Abraham, Product Manager, Thermal Business Unit at CPC

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Apr 4, 2022, 2:45 pm EDT

With fast- and extreme-fast EV charging, system manufacturers are quickly learning how and where to implement liquid cooling to keep powerful electronics components from overheating, failing, or causing damage. What is not broadly understood is which structural or performance characteristics of quick disconnect (QD) couplings need to be taken into account when spec’ing them into a liquid cooling system. A range of QD solutions are available and perfectly suited for these systems but flow, compatibility, and composition -- along with location within a cooling system -- must be understood in order to achieve reliable and optimal charging.

Using actual (but anonymized) customer projects, this session will cover multiple EV liquid cooling scenarios and the design and decision-making process that went into the quick disconnect selection based upon each’s unique space constraints, timeframe, coolant, and/or budget.

The session will also cover:
  • What termination options are typically available and which are ideally suited for EV charging cooling

  • Why purpose-built for liquid cooling connectors are superior for keeping umbilicals, station/pile electronics and batteries cool

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