Innovative Production Solutions For Conductor Forming

Presented by:

  • Markus Arnold, President, WAFIOS Machinery Corporation (US)

  • Martin Bauer, Industry Management Automotive, WAFIOS AG (Germany)

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Apr 5, 2022, 11:45 am EDT

There are many innovations to improve power density in stator windings at the moment, with technologies like axial flux motors gaining momentum. On the other side, radial flux motors with hairpin windings are getting pushed to new limits in terms of efficiency and industrialization.

WAFIOS is the world leader in wire bending for almost 130 years, and is always up for new challenges.

For the applications of flat wire edge-wise winding, WAFIOS came up with a unique new tooling concept that allows the maximum possible fill factor in an axial flux stator. The flexibility of the CNC equipment makes it possible to manufacture axial flux motor windings complete on one machine, without additional process steps.

This tooling concept can also be applied to rigid busbars up to 200mm², an exciting product that WAFIOS has been delivering production cells globally since 2014.

Join this presentation to learn more about flexible wire forming solutions, stator winding, and power density!

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