Trends And Challenges On The Road To EV Charging Infrastructure Implementation

Presented by:

  • Srdjan Lukic, Deputy Director, FREEDM Center and Professor Electrical & Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University

  • Filippo Chimento, Global Technology Manager Platforms, ABB E-mobility

  • Justin Kolbe, Global Head of Market Strategy – Power Conversion & Industrial Automation, Henkel Corporation

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Apr 5, 2022, 8:00 am EDT

Leading technologists from academia, industry and materials development will share their insight and experience about the development realities and opportunities for fast and ultra-fast EV charging technology. The webinar will span many topics, including:

Technical Solutions Enabling Fast and Ultra-Fast Charging Systems
- Transition to silicon-carbide power electronics
- Liquid-cooled charging cables
- Modularity in low-voltage and high-voltage installations

Challenges to be Addressed to Deliver Reliability and Facilitate Broad Deployment
- Increase in power density
- Standardization stability including charging standards and diverse charging protocols
- Supply shortages – semiconductor micro-chips
- EV market fast-charging readiness
- Bidirectional charging – V2H, V2L, V2G, V2V

Mitigating the Fast-charging Impact on Charging Stations
- Thermal shielding
- EV charging and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Proposed Material Solutions to Maintain Optimal Thermal Range, Reliability and Safety
- Thermal management
- Encapsulation and insulation
- Sealing and protection

Future Trends
- Greater power density – grid to car
- Environmental responsibility – impact on sustainability
- Resilience of installation in different environments
- Safety and protection
- Wireless/autonomous charging

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