Testing EV Traction Inverters? Reduce Inefficiencies In HIL Testing of ECUs

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  • Brandon Brice, Senior Solutions Marketing Manager, Transportation, NI

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Apr 5, 2022, 12:30 pm EDT

Validating automotive traction inverter can become inefficient because of the disparate toolchains that connect design and validation. While the design team speaks in models, usually from MathWorks Simulink® or Simscape™ software, the validation team works in HIL test systems and attempts to run those models in real-time software. The hand-off rarely performs at its best and this puts time-to-market as risk, making test a bottleneck.

This session will cover how virtualization and NI’s model-based development approach can improve how the design and validation teams perform in the SIL -> MIL -> HIL development cycle through an optimized user experience. NI’s approach implements a Simulink® idiomatic experience with improvements to model integration capabilities and newly supported features such as Simulink external mode.

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