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Sion Power, Muhlbauer to create manufacturing line for lithium metal EV battery cells

US-based EV battery developer Sion Power has formed a partnership with MB ATECH, the e-mobility division of Germany’s Muhlbauer Group, to create an automated manufacturing line for Sion Power’s large-format lithium metal cells for EV batteries. The new fully automated manufacturing line will advance Sion Power’s commercialization, producing 75 MWh of 56 Ah lithium metal… Read more »

Sion Power raises $75 million to commercialize its Licerion tech for lithium metal EV batteries

Sion Power, a developer of next-generation batteries for EVs, has secured $75 million in a Series A funding round led by battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution. Sion Power will use the funding to validate its Licerion technology technically and commercially. The company plans to build a fully automated line to make large-format lithium metal cells… Read more »

Sion Power raises 75 million to commercialize its Licerion EV battery tech

Sion Power, a developer of next-generation batteries for EVs, has secured $75 million in Series A funding. The round was led by battery manufacturer LG Energy Solution, and included participation from Euclidean Capital and Hillspire. Sion Power’s Licerion technology uses compression in a lithium metal battery to enhance safety, lifetime and recharging rates. Sion has… Read more »

Sion Power partners with Citrine Informatics to accelerate lithium metal EV battery development

Sion Power, a US-based battery developer, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Citrine Informatics to use the Citrine platform for artificial intelligence (AI)-guided product development. The partnership will focus on the digitalization of R&D and product development workflows for next-generation battery products. “The Citrine Platform allows us to accelerate our development of the next-generation… Read more »

Sion Power’s Licerion lithium-metal battery technology now available for commercial evaluation

Sion Power has reported a major development milestone for its Licerion EV technology—the company has produced more than 18,000 multilayer, 6 Ah to 20 Ah lithium metal cells for commercial evaluation. Sion says Licerion EV delivers high energy density, enabling longer range with lighter and smaller batteries. Licerion EV technology incorporates Sion Power’s protected lithium… Read more »

Sion Power to expand lithium-metal battery manufacturing operations in Tucson, Arizona

Large-format lithium-metal battery developer Sion Power has announced plans to expand its existing manufacturing operations in Tucson, Arizona. The expansion is expected to be complete by 2026 and create over 150 jobs, primarily in engineering and other manufacturing-related positions. The overall economic impact of the expansion is expected to be $341 million over the next… Read more »

Sion Power’s experimental lithium metal cells deliver 2,500 cycles

Sion Power says one of its multilayer lithium metal pouch cells has performed for over 2,500 cycles, retaining 70% of its initial capacity. The cell was charged for 180 minutes at the C/3 rate and completely discharged in 45 minutes at the 4C/3 rate. The experimental cell is part of Sion Power’s Licerion product line…. Read more »

Sion Power’s new pouch cell boasts 810 Wh/L energy density

Sion Power will introduce its new Licerion battery at the upcoming Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan. The 17 Ah Licerion-EV is a large-format pouch cell that boasts over 400 Wh/kg specific energy and 810 Wh/L energy density. The company has specifically designed Licerion-EV for next-generation EV applications, focusing on high energy density, increased… Read more »

Sion Power introduces large-format lithium-metal EV cell

Sion Power, a specialist in lithium-metal batteries, has announced advancements in its Licerion-EV cell, achieving 400 Wh/kg (700 Wh/L) in a large-format 17 Ah pouch cell.  Sion is producing the cells at its facility in Tucson, Arizona, by stacking electrodes with an approximate size of 100 mm x 100 mm on pilot systems. Scaling to… Read more »

Sion Power demonstrates EV performance requirements of its lithium-metal battery technology

Sion Power has demonstrated its new Licerion EV technology, which focuses on high energy density, increased cycle life, and fast charging ability. The company projects that its Licerion EV cells will offer 420 Wh/kg and 700 Wh/L when scaled to commercial design. Sion tested 1.8 Ah cells, which resulted in 800 full depth of discharge… Read more »