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Redwood Materials to supply cathode material to Panasonic’s new US battery plant

JB Straubel’s Redwood Materials will supply remanufactured battery cathode material to Panasonic, beginning in 2025, for a new factory the Japanese battery-maker is currently building in Kansas. Panasonic’s $4-billion factory, which is said to be larger than Tesla’s Nevada Gigafactory, is expected to begin production of 2170-format cylindrical cells by March 2025. Spurred by the… Read more »

DENSO and NTT DATA are building a shared EV battery dataspace

DENSO and NTT DATA are working together to build a shared EV battery dataspace for the sharing of information about emissions and recycling in the battery industry. “The new battery regulation currently being reviewed in Europe will require disclosure of CO2 emissions and the resource recycling rate throughout battery life cycles to the European Commission,”… Read more »

Custom Truck One Source and Battle Motors partner

Custom Truck One Source is a provider of specialized truck and heavy equipment solutions—it offers sales, rentals, service, customization and remanufacturing. Now the company has added Battle Motors to its truck inventory. Custom Truck will offer Battle Motors’ full cabover line, including electric trucks, in Kansas City, Missouri and other cities. The partnership will enable… Read more »

New report highlights trends in EV battery supply chains

It’s safe to say that, five years ago, few corporate leaders gave a thought to the supply of batteries. Nowadays the problems and opportunities of the battery supply chain are hot topics in executive suites far beyond the automotive industry, and a growing number of market research companies are churning out detailed reports on the… Read more »

New process uses refrigerant to separate rare earths and metals from magnet waste

A research team has developed a process that uses a commercial refrigerant to separate rare earth elements and transition metals from magnet wastes. The process uses a gas compound called dimethyl ether to create fractional crystallization. “This process begins with a magnet that’s no longer useful, which is cut and ground into shavings,” says Caleb… Read more »

Caterpillar unveils prototype batteries for off-highway equipment

Yellow machine icon Caterpillar has announced the development of 48-volt, 300-volt and 600-volt batteries for the off-highway equipment industry. The company’s new range of Li-ion batteries features a modular design to optimize performance and packaging, and has been engineered with lifecycle sustainability in mind, including reuse and recycling at the end of life. Caterpillar’s development… Read more »

Researchers develop closed-loop method for lithium recovery from batteries

A team of researchers from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory have developed a closed-loop process for recovering lithium from lithium-ion batteries. In an article published in Green Chemistry, the researchers write: “We developed a sustainable lithium recovery process, which can selectively leach and recover lithium with formic acid before recycling valuable… Read more »

Vocational truck builder Battle Motors raises $150 million, expands EV production

Battle Motors, formerly Crane Carrier Company (CCC), has raised $150 million in a Series B investment round. This capital raise follows a $120-million Series A round announced in December 2021. Battle Motors serves the vocational truck industry, providing diesel, methane and now EV chassis for refuse and recycling applications to some 750 municipal customers across… Read more »

Companies around the world offer replacement LEAF batteries

The false assertion that EV batteries wear out quickly, and can’t be replaced or recycled, is a favorite of the anti-EV crowd, so it was interesting to hear an exec from Nissan (one of the few automakers that has actually sold large numbers of EVs) clearly and unequivocally rebut the idea. “Almost all of the… Read more »

Rock Tech Lithium to supply Canadian lithium to Mercedes for processing in Germany

Mercedes-Benz Group AG and the Government of Canada have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore deeper cooperation across all stages of the automotive value chain—from technical development and the extraction of raw materials to production, service life and recycling.   A key focus will be securing sustainable sources of raw materials. Canada, which has… Read more »