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Albemarle announces North Carolina technology park to explore advanced lithium technology

Specialty chemicals manufacturer Albemarle has acquired a location in Charlotte, North Carolina, where it plans to invest at least $180 million to establish the Albemarle Technology Park (ATP). The facility will be designed for novel materials research, advanced process development and acceleration of next-generation lithium products to market. The company expects that innovations at the… Read more »

Fraunhofer’s EKODA project aims to develop circular value creation

German research organization Fraunhofer has announced the launch of its EKODA project, which focuses on the mobility industry with the aim of addressing issues such as resource scarcity, rising prices of raw materials and energy, supply chain disruptions, and waste disposal. Its goal is to swap conventional recycling for what it calls a circular economy…. Read more »

NEO announces plans to integrate recycled silicon into anode materials

NEO, a developer of silicon anode materials, reports that it has signed an MOU with an undisclosed Asia-based producer of high-purity silicon powder derived by recycling silicon by-product waste from solar photovoltaic cell and semiconductor manufacturing. The purpose, says NEO, is to significantly enhance price competitiveness of silicon anode materials for EV batteries by integrating… Read more »

CATL to supply Honda with 123 GWh of EV batteries by 2030

CATL and Honda Motor China have announced that Honda will purchase 123 GWh of CATL’s EV batteries in China from 2024 through 2030. In 2020, CATL and Honda signed an agreement to form a strategic alliance, which has enabled the two companies to cooperate in a broad range of areas, including joint development, stable supply… Read more »

Nth Cycle wins $2.15-million DOE grant for electro-extraction technology

Nth Cycle, a metals processing and recycling technology company, has been awarded a $2.15-million grant from the DOE under the Battery Materials and Battery Manufacturing and Recycling Funding Opportunity (BMBMR) program.  According to the company, its low-emission refining technology, called electro-extraction, transforms the outputs of metal scrap, electronics recycling, untapped mining resources and waste from… Read more »

Global Battery Alliance proposes comprehensive Battery Passport platform

In case someone is looking for candidates for the Buzzword of the Year, “battery passport” might be a good choice. Traceability and tracking of battery materials is a hot topic, thanks to “Buy American” provisions of the IRA and BIL in the US, and similar regulations under development in the EU. Industry players have floated… Read more »

Envision AESC to supply battery cells for BMW’s next-gen EVs

Japanese battery manufacturer Envision AESC has formed a new multi-year partnership with BMW to supply battery cells for the automaker’s next-generation EVs. Envision has committed to invest in a new 30 GWh battery manufacturing plant in South Carolina, which it says will be powered by “100 percent net zero carbon energy.” The company is currently… Read more »

New study to compare lifetime costs of electric and gas vehicles

Comprehending the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an EV is an important factor in consumer decision-making. The TCO of a vehicle includes not just the initial purchase price, but also operating costs including fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance. The inability to make clear comparisons between EVs and legacy vehicles is one factor slowing down… Read more »