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Aquatech to provide lithium refining process for Lithium Americas’s Thacker Pass project

Water treatment company Aquatech has been awarded a contract for the lithium refining and purification process plants by Lithium Americas for the Thacker Pass lithium project in Nevada, the largest known lithium reserve in the US.  Aquatech specializes in delivering process technology for the refining and purification of battery-grade lithium chemical products from clays, brines… Read more »

Developing standards for EV charging reliability

Q&A with Frank Menchaca, President of SAE International’s Sustainable Mobility Solutions The reliability—or rather, the unreliability—of public EV charging stations is nothing less than a scandal, and it’s holding back EV adoption. This tragedy involves a cast of many players—automakers, charger manufacturers, network operators, electric utilities, and often a lot more—and all need to start… Read more »

Alternatives to permanent magnet motors in EV traction applications

In my very first article for Charged over 10 years ago, I opined that the Switched Reluctance Motor, or SRM, would eventually come to dominate the EV traction market, if for no other reason than the fact that it is almost as cheap as dirt to manufacture. I won’t sprain my shoulder patting myself on… Read more »

Bechtel to deliver electric school bus charging infrastructure to First Student

First Student, a major provider of student transportation services in North America, has selected Bechtel to design and build charging stations for one of First Student’s electrification projects. The two companies intend to partner on more EV deployments in the future, for which Bechtel will provide engineering, procurement and construction services. Bechtel provides a range… Read more »

Aqua Metals recovers high-purity nickel from battery black mass

Battery recycling innovator Aqua Metals says it has successfully recovered high-purity nickel from lithium battery black mass, using its proprietary Li AquaRefining process. Aqua also recently announced the recovery of high-purity lithium hydroxide and copper from black mass at its pilot facility located in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center. Aqua’s Li AquaRefining technology recovers nickel and… Read more »

Aqua Metals produces high-purity lithium hydroxide directly from recycled Li-ion batteries

Battery recycler Aqua Metals has demonstrated the recovery of high-purity lithium hydroxide from lithium-ion battery black mass at the company’s Li AquaRefining recycling facility in Nevada. “The production and availability of the first recycled lithium hydroxide at scale will help close the supply chain loop for critical battery metals in America, paving the way for… Read more »

Inobat and Gotion partner to develop EV battery cells and packs

European battery manufacturer InoBat and Chinese battery manufacturer Hefei Gotion have signed a memorandum of understanding to explore joint venture opportunities to develop EV battery and energy storage technologies. The partnership will leverage Gotion’s expertise in electric storage solutions and InoBat’s existing manufacturing sites and extensive market connections in Europe. The companies will maintain their… Read more »

EV maker Tevva partners with Ecobat for battery management

British EV manufacturer Tevva has entered into a partnership with battery recycling company Ecobat for the repair, repurposing and recycling of Tevva’s lithium-ion batteries. According to Tevva, the partnership provides that, if an issue should arise during the life of any of its vehicles, Ecobat will ensure that the company’s in-house-assembled lithium-ion batteries are handled,… Read more »

Redwood Materials to receive $2-billion DOE loan, begins production of anode foil

Redwood Materials, the battery recycling firm headed by Tesla alum JB Straubel, has received conditional commitment for a $2-billion loan from the DOE’s Loan Program Office as part of the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program (ATVM). Redwood will draw upon this financing in tranches to support the phased construction and expansion of its battery… Read more »

Leclanché’s aqueous  process reduces cobalt usage in NMCA cells, eliminates toxic solvent

Swiss battery maker Leclanché says it has found a way to reduce the cobalt content in nickel-cobalt-manganese-aluminum oxide (NMCA) cathodes from 20% to 5%, by using in a new environmentally friendly water-based process. The company’s G/NMCA cell has a nickel content of around 90%, which it says increases energy density and enables the reduction in… Read more »