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Plug-in sales through the roof in 2016 as multiple models set records

December plug-in sales blew away last year’s figure, a cheery finale to a year that saw a huge increase. 159,139 EVs and PHEVs changed hands in 2016, a 37% increase over 2015’s 116,099. A new breeze seems to be blowing through boardrooms around the industry, from Toyota to Chrysler to Ford. As usual, Tesla heads… Read more »

Volkswagen says it will offer a 373-mile EV in 2020 at the price of a diesel Golf

Volkswagen has announced plans to invest €3.5 billion ($3.7 billion) in e-mobility and digitalization at its German plants. The modernization plans are part of an agreement with the company’s General Works Council (an organization similar to a labor union, which represents VW’s workers). Under the agreement, the Volkswagen plants at Wolfsburg and Zwickau will produce… Read more »

EVs aplenty at Paris Motor Show

Electricity was en vogue at the recent Paris Motor Show. Few automakers had any new ICE vehicles (isn’t that an oxymoron anyway?), but there were updates to several production EVs, and a couple of promising concepts, on display. The Renault Zoe, Europe’s best-selling plug-in vehicle, has gotten a substantial battery upgrade. An available 41 kWh… Read more »

European CLEVER network offers home and public EV charging for a fixed monthly fee

CLEVER, which operates a network of fast charging stations in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, has introduced a new plan that offers unlimited charging for a fixed monthly fee. CLEVER Unlimited includes installation of a home charging station, and unlimited free use of the company’s over 900 public charging points. The company recently announced an agreement… Read more »

Improving aerodynamic modeling: Combining airflow dynamics with vehicle-handling models

Tuning a vehicle’s aerodynamic features is nothing new. Engineers have been using wind tunnels for decades, and more recently they’ve also employed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software to reduce drag, minimize noise and increase stability by preventing undesired lift forces. In the expanding world of EVs, car builders are doubling down on efforts to push… Read more »

Volkswagen reopens Transparent Factory as showcase for electric mobility

Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory, which allows customers to watch their new vehicles being assembled, has been redesigned as a showcase for electromobility and digitalization. The site now features some 50 interactive exhibits, including a glass frame model of the e-Golf. Several of VW’s electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are available for test drives. The exhibition is… Read more »

New report from JATO details German EV market

Germany is Europe’s third-largest market for plug-in vehicles, and sales are growing quickly. However, electrified vehicles still represent a minute fraction of the overall automotive market, and better information for consumers will be necessary to get the country to start plugging in. These are among the conclusions of a new report from London-based automotive business… Read more »

March plug-in sales take off as Tesla factory cranks into high gear

US plug-in sales have resumed their steep upward climb. March sales shattered last year’s figure, setting a new all-time record. Around 13,725 plug-ins were sold in March, a 33% increase over March 2015 and a few units more than the previous monthly record set in December. American car buyers now have around two dozen EV and… Read more »

Volkswagen CEO: Europe needs to take the lead in electric mobility

Since the public humiliation of the diesel debacle, Volkswagen’s execs have had much to say about producing more electrified vehicles. Speaking at the company’s New Year’s party in Brussels, CEO Matthias Müller promised that the Volkswagen Group would concentrate on sustainability “more than ever before,” and confirmed plans to introduce about 20 new plug-in models… Read more »

Tesla leads the pack as overall 2015 plug-in sales fall short

2015 was a year of retrenching and preparation for the future in the EV industry. US sales for the year were around 116,000, falling short of 2014’s figure of 123,000. The Tesla Model S grabbed and held the lead position, handily outselling all other plug-ins in the US with 25,700 deliveries. However, the big news… Read more »