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Wevo’s new silicone-based materials inhibit thermal runaway

Wevo-Chemie has developed a range of silicone-based materials for battery modules and packs to prevent thermal runaway propagation. The thermally conductive gap fillers of the WEVOSIL 260XX FL series are certified UL 94 V-0. The company says its formulation has high heat and flame resistance, lower weight compared to mineral or metal-loaded compounds, and no outgassing… Read more »

Wevo potting compounds used in supercapacitors

WIMA, a maker of film capacitors, employs Wevo potting compounds in its supercapacitor PowerBlock—a cascaded, double-layer capacitor module whose capacitance, rated voltage and dimensions can be individually adapted to a desired application. This allows a range of mobility applications, such as engine starter modules in large construction and agricultural machinery, ships, locomotives, trams and buses,… Read more »

Wevo’s temperature-resistant materials designed for EV electrical components earn UL ratings

Wevo, a maker of potting, bonding and sealing compounds, has earned UL RTI (Relative Temperature Index) approval for several of its flame-retardant polyurethanes, and one temperature-resistant epoxy resin has been certified to UL 94 V-0. RTI certification refers to long-term temperature resistance. In the case of polyurethanes, this is usually a maximum of 130° C…. Read more »

SolarEdge introduces solar-attached EV management software for commercial/industrial market

Smart energy specialist SolarEdge Technologies has added a solar-attached EV management solution to its suite of products and software for the commercial and industrial segment. The new software-based solution manages and optimizes the EV charging process for sites that require dynamic load management and have large quantities of EVs, such as apartment buildings, workplaces and… Read more »

Alta Motors says its electric dirt bike has world-class energy density

Alta Motors claims that its dirt bikes have a battery pack with energy density that’s among the highest of any production vehicle. With help from Scheugenpflug’s custom production equipment and Wevo-Chemie materials, the motorcycle builder says its thermal design was the key to achieving that. Seven years ago, a group of motorcycle and off-road dirt… Read more »