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Volvo’s new Electric Hybrid transit bus reduces energy consumption by 60%

Volvo will officially launch its 7900 Electric Hybrid transit bus, a plug-in version of the company’s proven 7900 Hybrid, at the International IAA Commercial Vehicles show in September. The 7900, which is available in both rigid-bodied and articulated versions, offers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions up to 75% lower than a legacy diesel bus. Total… Read more »

Airbus to produce electric aircraft, envisions hybrid regional airliner

The sky’s the limit for electrified transportation. European aircraft manufacturer Airbus has a vision of a hybrid 80-90-seat regional airliner that would have high-density energy storage in the wings, and a kerosene or biofuel generator to quickly recharge the batteries on the ground or in flight. An electric-powered turboprop airliner could be operated at a… Read more »

Volvo’s plug-in hybrid buses save fuel, delight drivers

Field tests in Sweden have shown that Volvo’s plug-in hybrid buses reduce fuel consumption by 81% and total energy consumption (diesel plus electricity) by 61% compared to a comparable Euro 5 diesel bus. The silent, smooth ride is an added benefit. “Our performance results are even slightly better than we had anticipated. The plug-in hybrid… Read more »

Balqon to introduce plug-in hybrid drive system for heavy-duty trucks and buses

Balqon Corporation (OTCBB: BLQN) has entered into a joint development agreement with Polar Power Inc. to develop series plug-in hybrid systems for its line of heavy-duty electric trucks and buses. The companies will develop a 40 kw on-board DC hybrid generator to charge batteries during the daily drive cycle to increase the range of the… Read more »

Houston Harbor container cranes to get Li-ion powered hybrid systems

MJ EcoPower Hybrid Systems has awarded a contract to battery manufacturer Saft to supply lithium-ion batteries and battery management systems for four new hybrid rubber tire gantry (RTG) cranes serving Houston Harbor. RTGs are used to transport and stack shipping containers at port facilities and rail yards. Normally, the electric motors for the movement and… Read more »

Vision Industries and Balqon collaborate to build a hybrid fuel cell-powered terminal tractor

Vision Industries and Balqon Corporation have entered into a Joint Development Agreement to build a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell /electric hybrid terminal tractor, the Zero-TT. The Zero-TT will incorporate a Cargotec Kalmar chassis, Balqon’s electric drivetrain and Vision’s hydrogen fuel cell range extender. It is intended to combine the superior acceleration of a battery-powered EV… Read more »

India approves incentives for EVs and hybrids, sets ambitious target

India’s government has approved a 230 billion rupee ($4.13 billion) plan to encourage the production of electric and hybrid vehicles, with a target of six million vehicles on the road by 2020, Reuters reported this week. Four to five million of those are expected to be two-wheelers. Even so, it sounds like an ambitious goal,… Read more »