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Vision Industries sells 100 hydrogen plug-in hybrid class 8 trucks

  Here’s a gift that will satisfy both the EV fan and the hydrogen partisan on your Christmas list. The Tyrano, from California-based Vision Industries Corp. (OTCBB:VIIC) is a street-legal hydrogen plug-in electric hybrid 80,000-lb class 8 truck. This week, Vision announced a purchase order agreement with Total Transportation Services of Rancho Dominquez, California, for… Read more »

A123 to supply battery packs to Tata for hybrid buses

Startup battery maker A123 Systems scored a potentially massive new contract Thursday, with a deal to supply lithium-ion battery packs to Tata Motors, India’s largest automaker, for hybrid commercial vehicles. A123’s lithium iron phosphate battery packs, featuring the company’s prismatic cell technology, are expected to be deployed on city buses during the second half of… Read more »

Aqua Metals is building a more sustainable battery recycling ecosystem

Q&A with Aqua Metals execs Steve Cotton and David Regan Regardless of the claims made in Facebook memes, Li-ion batteries are eminently recyclable, and current recycling methods cause far less environmental damage than the well-documented depredations of the petroleum industry. However, as sustainability is central to the mission of the EV industry, we need to… Read more »

Is it true that only 13 EVs currently qualify for a US tax credit?

Sometimes public policy gets skewered on the horns of a dilemma. The Buy American provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act are aimed at protecting US jobs (and national security) by making EVs with substantial amounts of battery components from “nations of concern”—namely China—ineligible for tax credits. That’s a worthy goal, but to a certain extent… Read more »

Revoy’s battery trailer turns a semi-truck into a hybrid

Trucking firms are caught in a bit of a bind—emissions regulations are tightening, but electric heavy-duty trucks come with high upfront costs. A startup called Revoy offers an interesting transitional solution—the Revoy EV is basically a small trailer full of batteries that attaches to a diesel semi-truck to effectively turn it into a hybrid. At… Read more »

Littelfuse’s new overtemperature detection solution for EV battery packs

Circuit protection specialist Littelfuse has introduced a new overtemperature detection platform for Li-ion battery systems. The new TTape system is designed to help vehicle systems manage premature cell aging effectively while reducing the risks associated with thermal runaway incidents. Littelfuse explains that TTape is suited for a wide range of applications, including EVs, hybrids and… Read more »

Gillig delivers first of 62 battery-electric buses to Florida transit agency

Transit bus OEM Gillig has delivered six Battery Electric buses to the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA), which serves Charged’s home city of St Petersburg, Florida—the first deliveries under a 5-year contract with Gillig for 62 Battery Electric buses. Each of the 40-foot buses sports 686 kWh of onboard energy storage. PSTA’s investment also includes… Read more »