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Luxembourg buys 5 Volvo plug-in hybrid buses, ABB chargers

The city-state of Luxembourg became the latest metro area to plug in its public transit, as local bus operator AVL ordered 5 plug-in hybrid buses from Volvo. Electronics giant ABB will supply the charging equipment. Luxembourg City already has 14 Volvo 7900 Hybrid buses, which went into service in 2011. The new Volvo 7900 Electric… Read more »

Airbus and Siemens collaborate on hybrid electric propulsion systems for aircraft

Airbus Group and Siemens have launched a joint project to explore the electrification of aviation. The goal is to demonstrate the technical feasibility of various hybrid/electric aircraft propulsion systems by 2020. The two giant companies plan to develop prototypes for propulsion systems with power classes ranging from a few hundred kilowatts up to 10 or… Read more »

Sensata Technologies introduces micro-fused strain gage for hybrid and EV brake systems

Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer of sensing, electrical protection and power management solutions, is now offering a line of smaller, lighter Micro-fused Strain Gage (MSG) pressure sensors for use in hybrid and EV brake systems. “To ensure traditional braking feel in hybrid and electric vehicles, brake systems require additional pressure sensors,” said Jeff Silveria, Sensata’s Performance… Read more »

Ford unveils 2017 hybrid and plug-in hybrid Fusions

Ford’s Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid has been one of the top-selling PHEVs since its February 2013 debut (it sold 9,750 units in 2015, second only to the Volt). Now Ford has released some details of the 2017 Fusion (also available in hybrid and legacy gas versions), which is scheduled to arrive at dealerships this summer…. Read more »

Toyota tests silicon carbide power semiconductors in a hybrid Camry and fuel cell bus

Power semiconductors are key components of the power control units (PCUs) used in all types of vehicles with electric powertrains – EVs, hybrids and fuel cell vehicles. Current power semiconductors are leaky, accounting for around 20 percent of a vehicle’s electrical losses, so raising their efficiency could be a rewarding area of study. Toyota has… Read more »

Volvo Electric Hybrid bus begins operation on Hamburg’s Innovation Route

The city of Hamburg, Germany has a plan to electrify its public transport system: starting in 2020 it will acquire only emission-free buses. The city’s public transit company, the Hamburger Hochbahn, has opened a special bus route, Innovation Route 109, on which it will run comparative tests of modern drive technologies under everyday conditions. The… Read more »

Plug-in hybrid kit maker Echo Automotive goes out of business

The commercial fleet market promises great opportunities for startups, but also great dangers. A number of companies are trying to electrify this segment, and several have already fallen by the wayside. The latest to run out of juice is Echo Automotive, which was profiled in our April issue. The Arizona-based company has been forced to… Read more »

Transport for London tests wireless charging with diesel hybrid buses

Transport for London plans to test wireless inductive charging technology with four diesel hybrid buses. The Alexander Dennis Enviro400H E400 double-deckers will operate on route 69 between Canning Town and Walthamstow bus stations, and will be fitted with special technology enabling on-board batteries to receive a charge at bus stands at either end of the… Read more »