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Volvo Cars launches new Energy Solutions business to promote V2G applications

Volvo Cars has launched a new business unit called Energy Solutions to develop the potential for bidirectional charging applications such as V2H and V2G. The EX90 electric SUV, which is to be released in 2024, will be “the first Volvo car equipped with all the necessary hardware and (over time) software to enable bidirectional charging… Read more »

Ford Pro and XCel Energy partner to deploy 30,000 EV charging ports for fleets by 2030

Ford Pro, the commercial division of Ford, is collaborating with electric utility Xcel Energy to deploy 30,000 EV charging ports in Xcel service territories across the US by 2030. The companies’ 30×30 initiative is a part of Xcel Energy’s Electric Vehicle Supply Infrastructure (EVSI) program. As part of this effort, Xcel Energy will offset most… Read more »

Phoenix Motorcars and Fermata Energy enable V2G capability for electric buses and trucks

EV OEM Phoenix Motorcars, in collaboration with Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) pioneer Fermata Energy, has integrated Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) capabilities into its medium-duty EVs. All Phoenix electric school buses, shuttle buses and trucks, from the first-generation vehicles delivered in 2014 to the company’s current-generation vehicles, can now be equipped with V2G capability, enabling fleets to send excess energy… Read more »

Next generation dielectric insulation solutions for EV battery packs (Webinar)

As global demand surges for EV battery packs, engineers across the product’s value chain continue to seek new ways to address crucial design challenges. These include choosing materials that provide dielectric insulation. Such choices can significantly impact pack energy density, vehicle reliability and safety. In this session at the Fall Virtual Conference on EV Engineering,… Read more »

Packaging second-life EV batteries into a plug-and-play energy storage system

Q&A with Smartville CEO and co-founder Antoni Tong What do EV batteries have in common with athletes and politicians? Once they age out (or get voted out) of their positions, they have the opportunity to have a lucrative (and in the case of batteries, useful) second career. Repurposing depleted EV batteries for stationary storage applications… Read more » secures $33 million in Series B funding for EV grid integration

London-headquartered charging platform provider plans to expand its global operations. The focus will be on building its reach in North America and Europe, using $33 million in Series B funding from National Grid Partners. Support is expected from Aviva Ventures, WEX Venture Capital, InMotion Ventures and existing investors Energy Impact Partners, Future Energy Ventures… Read more »

Westwater Resources is building a facility in Alabama to process one of the largest graphite deposits in the US

Q&A with Jon Jacobs of Westwater Resources Everyone in the EV industry is talking about the IRA and the BIL, two sets of federal regulations that include strong incentives for automakers to establish domestic supply chains for EV raw materials and components. Not everyone is happy about the requirements, and there are a number of… Read more »

Blue Bird premieres next-generation electric school bus

Blue Bird, maker of iconic yellow school buses, showed off its next-generation Vision Type C electric school bus at the recent STN Expo West, a trade show for the student transportation industry. The Vision’s powertrain was developed in partnership with Accelera, a business segment of engine-maker Cummins. The new electric school bus features a next-generation… Read more »

Michigan collaborates with Daimler Truck and DTE Energy to build “the truck stop of the future”

The state of Michigan has announced a federally funded prototype program known as the Mobility Charging Hub, intended to help companies transition fleets to commercial EVs and to test new technologies, digital services and business models for accelerating commercial EV deployment at scale and improving the truck stop experience. The program will also support passenger… Read more »

Noodoe’s next-generation EV fleet management solution

Charging solutions provider Noodoe has announced a new generation of its Electric Fleet Management Solution. Noodoe’s EV OS is a cloud-based operating system for managing all aspects of EV charging services. “Fleet integration happens in a few clicks, and administrators can easily manage vehicles, telematics devices and EV charging stations,” says the company. “Managers can… Read more »