Stena gives Volvo bus batteries a second life

A new agreement between Volvo Buses and Stena Recycling subsidiary Batteryloop will give second lives to used EV batteries. After the batteries are removed from Volvo’s buses, they will be reused as energy storage units in stationary applications such as buildings and charging stations. Bus batteries are used for many years before they need to… Read more »

Li-ion battery capacity for new EVs sold in the US reached a record high in 2019

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) captured a record amount of total plug-in vehicle battery capacity sold in 2019, with 17.4 gigawatt-hours of total capacity. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) accounted for a smaller portion of total vehicle battery capacity due to their lower sales volumes, and because they require smaller battery packs than BEVs. PHEV sales… Read more »

New Volta Zero electric truck designed for safety and sustainability

Startup Volta Trucks has revealed its first vehicle, a purpose-built fully-electric 16-ton commercial vehicle designed specifically for inner-city parcel and freight distribution. The new Volta Zero will begin trials with European parcel delivery and logistics companies in the first half of 2021. The company has secured several orders for customer-specific vehicles, which are to be… Read more »

Webinar today: Optimize battery pack production and eliminate waste

Do you struggle with inconsistencies in your plant? Are you dealing with a skills gap and aging workforce? Learn how to overcome current challenges and stay competitive in these changing times with our webinar, Eliminate waste in your factory to optimize production. Tune in to this webinar to see the latest advancements in pump technology… Read more »

Millbrook’s remote driveline testing increases test efficiency and maximizes customer safety

Millbrook says it has increased the efficiency of its driveline and electric motor dynamometer testing services in the US, due to proactive preparation for lockdown and consistent customer communications. The company’s engineering team adapted to ensure that customers continued to receive test data as it was generated, changing the setup of Millbrook’s electric motor test… Read more »

Xpeng P7 review: The company’s making headlines, but how is the car?

Chinese automaker Xpeng is the most recent of a string of EV-makers to launch a headline-grabbing IPO. The company’s US stock-market debut (NYSE: XPEV) raised $1.5 billion off the bat, and the stock posted healthy gains on its first day. However, as John Voelcker writes in The Drive, the exploits of Xpeng and its Chinese… Read more »

Inmotive introduces new two-speed EV transmission

Canadian automotive supplier Inmotive has launched a new two-speed transmission. The new Ingear features a simple and durable design that’s designed to enable a more efficient powertrain, with extended range, at a lower cost.  Typically, an EV has two reduction gears between the electric motor and the wheels, with the motor turning about nine times… Read more »

FEV addresses battery safety with thermal propagation optimization process

FEV has developed a combined simulation and testing process for the optimization of thermal propagation behavior in automotive battery packs. The company claims the process can help to reduce the risk of injury and damage from battery cell thermal runaway, while also saving development time and cost. Thermal runaway is a key safety aspect for… Read more »

New survey finds only 40% of UK drivers likely to consider an EV

UK parking app provider RingGo recently conducted a survey of UK drivers, which found that only 40% of respondents would consider an EV for their next car. Price appears to be the main objection, but charging infrastructure and range are also factors—almost a third of respondents who are open to EVs said they want to… Read more »