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Marposs automates electric motor component testing

Marposs, a measurement, inspection and test technology company, has introduced the e.d.c. AST320/W system to its range of automatic testers for electric motors. The AST320/W system uses capacitor coupling technology, which is less sensitive to external noise, to assess e.d.c partial discharge for AC High Pot and Surge testing. Electrical motor windings, coils and stators… Read more »

Marposs offers a new system for checking pouch cell battery welds

Marposs, a designer and manufacturer of measurement, inspection and testing products, has announced a new system for checking the welding joints of pouch cell batteries within the production process, consisting of interferometric sensors and the company’s NCG (non-contact gauge) controller.  The system works by splitting light into two beams that travel different optical paths and… Read more »

Marposs announces system for electrical testing of prismatic battery cells

Marposs, a provider of measurement, inspection and testing products, has released a new system for testing prismatic battery cells. According to the company, this machine can be easily reconfigured to adapt to different cell sizes, and is suitable for end-of-line control or verification and grading at the beginning of a module assembly line. Originally designed… Read more »

Marposs offers new optical system for measuring stator hairpins

Measurement, inspection and test technology company Marposs has announced a new optical inspection system for stator hairpins. The company says, “Traditional contact systems, or use of reference profile masks/jigs, can easily deform the intended shape.” The new system is available in a manual-loaded test bench version for workshops and labs or in a version that… Read more »

Marposs’s new leak-testing machine for sealed batteries

Marposs, a measurement, inspection and test technology company, has announced a new patent-pending machine for leak-testing batteries that can detect solvents used in the production of lithium-ion cells, including DMC, DEC, EMC and PP. In contrast to leak-testing systems that use helium as a tracer gas and don’t test the final seal, the Marposs machine… Read more »

Marposs introduces non-contact sensor for measuring EV battery cover film

Measurement, inspection and test technology company Marposs has introduced a new non-contact sensor for measuring the film used in EV battery covers. The MPLS-DM sensor is part of the Chromaline product line. It uses STIL chromatic confocal technology to measure objects. The technology uses electronic processing and a multi-lens optical system to split and direct… Read more »

Marposs announces non-contact tech for monitoring electrode roll production

Measurement, inspection and test technology company Marposs has announced a new line of non-contact solutions for monitoring roll-to-roll production of cathode and anode foils for EV batteries. Marposs says the solutions provide “high-resolution film thickness and width gauging across the electrode production process, helping to avoid scrap and rework to improve quality and save money.”… Read more »

Marposs’s LT400 system performs high-voltage tests with partial discharge measurements

Marposs’s new LT400 test system is designed to perform partial discharge measurements on coils, motors and generators. With the LT400, companies can perform standard high-voltage tests with partial discharge measurements, allowing the discovery of defects not detectable with the standard tests. The LT400 integrates numerous tests, including EN60270 High-Voltage Tests, EN60034-18-41 Pulse Partial Discharge Tests,… Read more »

Marposs updates its Optoquick inspection system from motor shafts and other cylindrical components

Marposs, a specialist in measurement, inspection and test technologies, has announced a new generation of its Optoquick measuring system, which combines a touch measuring system and an automatic stylus changing system. Within a measuring cycle, the contact sensor stylus can automatically be exchanged with the new multi-axis G65 contact gauge, enabling measurement of non-visible features… Read more »