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Electrolyte producer NOHMs Technologies becomes Sionic Energy

NOHMs Technologies, a provider of electrolyte products for Li-ion batteries, has announced its relaunch as Sionic Energy, transforming its business to deliver complete battery cell designs that incorporate its technologies into a drop-in, rapidly commercialized, low-cost, high-performance Li-ion technology. Sionic’s silicon battery cell designs can be integrated into cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cell formats in… Read more »

NOHMs raises $5 million to commercialize non-flammable liquid-based electrolytes

NOHMs Technologies (Nano Organic Hybrid Materials), a Cornell University spin-out founded in 2010, has raised $5 million in Series B venture capital financing to commercialize its non-flammable battery electrolyte technology. NOHMs has developed a family of ionic liquid-containing electrolytes that are stable above 4.5 volts in lithium-ion cells. The two electrolyte product lines currently under… Read more »

NOHMs wins $1.64-million contract to develop ionic liquid-based electrolytes

The United States Advanced Battery Consortium has awarded a $1.64-million contract to Rochester-based NOHMs (Nano Organic Hybrid Materials) Technologies for the development of electrolytes for lithium-ion battery applications. The 18-month program will focus on ionic liquid-based electrolyte and co-solvent combinations that exhibit high ionic conductivity and stability for application in 4.6-5.0-volt lithium-ion batteries. Founded in… Read more »

NOHMs Technologies establishes Li-S battery manufacturing facility in Kentucky

NOHMs Technologies, a lithium-sulfur battery spin-off from Cornell University, will locate a new research, manufacturing and product development facility in Lexington, Kentucky. The company will use the Kentucky-Argonne Battery Manufacturing Research and Development Center, a partnership of the Argonne National Laboratory, the state and the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville. Ford, Hitachi and Toyota are some… Read more »

Ube Industries and Mitsubishi Chemical form electrolyte JV in China

Ube Industries and Mitsubishi Chemical have agreed to form a joint venture to supply electrolyte to the Chinese market. The JV will enable the two companies to combine their production technologies and to use their technology resources, including intellectual property, to enhance cost competitiveness. Ube Industries manufactures Purelyte electrolyte at a factory in Japan and… Read more »