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Sandia publishes study on EV charging infrastructure vulnerabilities

Potential vulnerabilities in EV charging infrastructure range from the skimming of credit card information to the use of cloud servers to hijack an entire charger network. In “Review of Electric Vehicle Charger Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities, Potential Impacts, and Defenses,”published in the scientific journal Energies, Jay Johnson, an electrical engineer at Sandia National Laboratories, reveals the results… Read more »

Sandia National Laboratories study voltage loss across battery interfaces

Scientists at Sandia National Laboratories may have discovered a way to make a longer-lasting, more efficient battery. The team used Kelvin probe force microscopy to locate places where electron flows get stuck.  Solid-state batteries use solid electrolytes instead of electrochemical gels and liquids. Researchers suspected that there was a loss of voltage at interfaces within… Read more »

How big is the threat of hacking public EV chargers?

As regular Charged readers know, most folks in the EV charging field believe chargers should be online, for many reasons—remote diagnostics, user information, participation in V2G applications, etc. However, anything that’s hooked up to the net can potentially be hacked, and EVSE is no exception. A recent Wired article recounted several recent incidents in which… Read more »

Beam Global delivers 23 EV ARC charging systems to national labs

San Diego-based Beam Global makes a portable, grid-independent charging station called the EV ARC. This handy gadget is an off-grid solar-powered EV charger with on-board energy storage that can be transported on a trailer and deployed “in minutes,” with no trenching or electrical work required. Beam says it has sold its EV ARCs to more… Read more »

Are solid-state batteries always safer than Li-ion?

Many in the EV industry see solid-state batteries as the future, and one of the reasons is that the more stable solid electrolyte is expected to be safer than current liquid electrolytes. However, new research indicates that the picture may be more complex. A recent study led by the DOE’s Sandia National Laboratories, published in… Read more »

Arbin’s new battery testing equipment offers a glimpse into the future with ultra-high precision

Arbin accelerates testing of production Li-ion cells with ultra-high precision equipment. Automakers are a notoriously conservative bunch. They go to great lengths to test and validate new designs before putting them into production vehicles. And, thanks to their cautious ways, today’s vehicles are more reliable than ever. Recently, however, the addition of advanced Li-ion battery… Read more »

Arbin High Precision Battery Testing Whitepaper Download

Learn how to accelerate battery testing with ultra high precision testing equipment The detection of battery degradation mechanisms using precision high power testing system on cells under real-world testing profiles Arbin Instruments new high precision tester (HPT) series was developed to realize real life predictability for the growing demand of longer life vehicle, grid, and other… Read more »