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Learn how to accelerate battery testing with ultra high precision testing equipment

The detection of battery degradation mechanisms using precision high power testing system on cells under real-world testing profiles

Arbin Instruments new high precision tester (HPT) series was developed to realize real life predictability for the growing demand of longer life vehicle, grid, and other mission critical battery applications.  The developments achieved during the three-year ARPA-E cooperative between Arbin, Ford, Sandia, and the US DOE have resulted in the following commercialized product:

  • Charge/discharge testing systems capable of achieving 50ppm CE precision at up to 200A, though low current models are also available
  • A system proven to be capable of detecting battery degradation mechanisms previously unavailable
  • Improved software algorithms for auto-turning
  • Integrated thermal chamber for low power battery testing to maintain temperature stability
  • New patented shunt design

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