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Department of Homeland Security orders $4.8 million worth of Beam Global off-grid EV charging systems

Government agencies and municipalities are lining up to buy Beam Global’s EV ARC solar-powered off-grid EV charging systems, which not only come in handy in a disaster-recovery scenario, but also offer a quick and simple way to deploy EV charging. The latest customer is the US Department of Homeland Security, which has ordered 47 Beam… Read more »

6K Energy wins $50-million DOE grant for PlusCAM battery material production plant in Tennessee

6K Energy, a provider of critical materials for lithium-ion batteries, has won a $50-million grant from the DOE’s Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains for its PlusCAM battery material production plant located in Jackson, Tennessee. The company will apply the 50 big ones to the estimated $200-million construction cost for the factory. The PlusCAM… Read more »

Albemarle receives $90-million Department of Defense grant for lithium production

Albemarle, a US-based chemical manufacturer, has won a $90-million grant from the US Department of Defense to expand domestic mining and production of lithium for EV batteries. Using Defense Production Act authority, the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy will subsidize the company’s planned reopening of its lithium mine in… Read more »

Wright Electric aims to develop EV battery with 1,000 Wh/kg specific energy

Wright Electric, provider of electric propulsion systems for regional aircraft, has launched an initiative to develop batteries targeting 1,000 watt hours per kilogram (Wh/kg) pack-level specific energy. “When I founded Wright, the best vehicle batteries had [specific energy] below 250 Wh/kg,” said Jeff Engler, CEO of Wright. “Now several large manufacturers are advertising cells at… Read more »

Eos Energy launches energy storage project with zinc-based battery modules

Eos Energy, a provider of zinc-powered energy storage systems, has announced a $500-million planned expansion to build 8 GWh of clean energy storage production capacity by 2026. Project AMAZE (American Made Zinc Energy) aims to use the Eos Z3 energy storage system to meet the demand for long-term energy storage driven by the Inflation Reduction… Read more »

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm takes an EV road trip, deals with charging challenges

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm recently took an EV road trip from Charlotte, North Carolina to Memphis, Tennessee in order to draw attention to the billions of dollars in funding the White House is making available to promote electric vehicles. Granholm addressed audiences at town hall stops along her road trip. “Things are happening… Read more »

Hyundai and LG Energy Solution invest additional $2 billion in Georgia battery plant

Hyundai and South Korean-headquartered battery maker LG Energy Solution (LGES) have announced a $2-billion expansion of their battery cell manufacturing joint venture at Hyundai’s EV Metaplant in Bryan County, Georgia, bringing the total investment value of the JV to $4.3 billion. At full operational capacity, the 30 GWh facility is expected to support annual production… Read more »

Energy expert: Updated US Hydrogen Strategy is better, but still designed to prop up the fossil fuel industry

Michael Barnard writes on a wide variety of e-mobility and renewable energy topics. In a recent article for CleanTechnica, he discusses the latest edition of the US National Clean Hydrogen Strategy and Roadmap, a policy document that the DOE produces and updates periodically. Barnard’s piece is a detailed and highly technical discussion of a complex… Read more »

How NanoGraf is commercializing the “world’s most energy-dense” 18650 battery cell with stable silicon oxide

Q&A with NanoGraf COO Connor Hund Graphite, a pure form of carbon, is a critical material for battery anodes. Graphite’s physical structure allows it to store lithium ions, which merrily migrate to the anode when the battery is charged. Unlike cathodes, which can be composed of various combinations of chemicals (cobalt, nickel, manganese, lithium, iron,… Read more »