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Outlander PHEV showcases new GKN Multi-Mode eTransmission

Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV is back on track and spinning on the turntable in Frankfurt this week. The new ‘bishi has seen overwhelming demand since it went on sale in Japan in, January (some 18,000 units have been ordered), but production was halted in March after a couple of battery-related fires. Mitsubishi tracked down the problem,… Read more »

European HEFT project targets cheaper, more efficient, power-dense motor for EVs

In a €4-million HEFT research project directed by Mondragan University, eight EU partners including GKN Automotive will create a “lower-cost, more efficient and power-dense” permanent magnet motor for EVs. HEFT is an EU Horizon 2020 project focused on designing and manufacturing EV motors with reused and recycled permanent magnets. HEFT recommends energy-efficient rare earth synchronous… Read more »

BorgWarner’s new dual-clutch system enables torque vectoring with a single motor

BorgWarner has developed a system that can enable EVs to use torque vectoring with just one electric motor instead of the traditional two. The Michigan-based parts supplier says its solution is cost-effective, light and compact. The company will start producing the system in the first half of 2022 for an unnamed auto manufacturer. Traditional torque-vectoring… Read more »

AVID Technology ships first EVO electric motors, secures £50 million in new orders

UK-based AVID Technology has begun shipping its EVO electric motors. AVID took over the design, manufacture and distribution of EVO motors from GKN Hybrid Power last year, and has now completely transferred production to its plant in Cramlington, Northumberland. Since the start of the year, AVID has secured over £50 million in new orders for… Read more »

Ford plans to launch 15 new electrified models in China

Global automakers are pushing their EV programs into high gear, announcing massive investments and lots of new electric models to be produced in the near future…in China. The Asian giant has the most aggressive electrification strategy of any major country -zero-emission vehicles must make up 10% of new car sales in 2019, and 12% in… Read more »

Deutsche Post partners with Ford to manufacture Transit-based electric delivery van

Deutsche Post subsidiary StreetScooter and Ford have formed a partnership to manufacture electric delivery vehicles. StreetScooter has already developed a small electric van with a 20.4 kWh battery pack, a 30 kW motor and a top speed of 50 mph. Deutsche Post now has 2,500 StreetScooters in operation throughout Germany, and is also beginning to… Read more »

Xtrac’s new EV transmission system features dual motors with torque vectoring

Xtrac’s new P1227 gearbox family was developed to address the growing demand for single-speed, lightweight EV transmissions. It can be integrated with motors from BorgWarner, GKN and YASA, all of which worked with Xtrac to integrate their technologies into the transmission. The P1227’s dual electric motors provide inherent torque vectoring capabilities, and the system is… Read more »

Electric torque vectoring: A motor for each wheel or a single-motor-clutch system?

In February, engineering firm GKN Automotive announced a new torque-vectoring option for electric drive called eTwinster. Torque vectoring technology is generally defined as a vehicle’s ability to vary the power to each wheel. To quickly control the torque applied to the wheels independent of one another – increasing stability, responsiveness and agility – GKN’s new… Read more »

Bolloré’s electric Bluecar, with novel solid-state batteries, coming to London

Electric car-sharing service Autolib has become a hit in Paris and two other French cities since its 2011 launch, and now boasts a fleet of over 3,500 EVs. Corporate parent the Bolloré Group also has a fleet of electric Bluebuses operating on Parisian streets, and has been working on bringing electric car sharing to Indianapolis… Read more »