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GKN Automotive unveils off-the-shelf electric drive unit concept

GKN Automotive has unveiled a new plug-and-play eDrive concept aimed at the niche EV and EV conversion markets. GKN will use the concept to test market appetite for a new eDrive that’s suitable for various purposes, including small to large cars and light commercial vehicles in series production. The first commercial products based on the… Read more »

GKN Automotive’s new real-time test rig for EV driveline parts

GKN Automotive has introduced a new test rig designed for EV driveline parts such as side shafts. “Electric vehicles place different load dynamics on our driveline components, and this new rig allows us to accurately reproduce those to achieve an unprecedented level of testing,” says the Director of Product Technology at GKN Automotive, Mario Syhre…. Read more »

GKN Automotive accelerates development of next-gen 800 V eDrive technologies

GKN Automotive, a maker of electric driveline technology, is accelerating its development of next-generation eDrive technologies. These future 800 V systems are already at advanced stages of development—GKN Automotive is testing them in real-world conditions, and working with global OEMs to prepare the systems for production. GKN says its future eDrive technologies promise faster charging… Read more »

GKN developing new versions of eDrive technology as sales increase

GKN Automotive is accelerating its eDrive development program to keep pace with growing demand for its compact electric driveline systems. In July 2019, the company produced its one millionth unit; sales in 2020 are on track to exceed 2019 figures by 141 percent. By 2025, the company expects to be producing around one million eDrive… Read more »

GKN Automotive launches new electric drive systems

GKN Automotive, a maker of electric driveline technology, has launched three families of electric drive systems, each of which integrates an electric motor and inverter with a single-speed transmission module. GKN Automotive’s Family 2 eDrive offers peak torque of 1,800 to 2,700 Nm, and is suitable for A-, B-, and C-segment applications. The company’s Family… Read more »

GKN demonstrates EV with two-speed transmission and torque vectoring

Driveline supplier GKN Automotive has announced the GTD19 demonstrator EV, which features a two-speed transmission and torque vectoring on the front axle. The GTD19 is based on a standard Jeep Renegade and is undergoing testing at GKN’s winter testing program in Arjeplog, Sweden. The GTD19 replaces the Renegade’s internal combustion engine with a 120 kW… Read more »

GKN Driveline new eTwinsterX offers compactness, efficiency and torque vectoring

GKN Driveline’s eAxles integrate an electric motor and a two-speed transmission in a single compact unit. This not only makes it easier to fit an eDrive unit within a vehicle chassis, but also improves efficiency on vehicle assembly lines. GKN supplies front eAxles for the Porsche 918 Spyder and BMW i8, as well as rear… Read more »

GKN’s new EV driveline is compact, efficient and adaptable

GKN Driveline’s new eTwinsterX system is designed to be adaptable to any vehicle type, from small electric city cars to plug-in luxury SUVs to electric hypercars, in front-wheel, rear-wheel or all-wheel drive configurations. GKN says the new eTwinsterX axle offers three advantages over competing electric drivelines. Its coaxial format is significantly smaller than other systems… Read more »

GKN Driveline expands European production facility to meet growing demand

GKN Driveline has announced a major expansion of its European eDrive production facility in Bruneck, Italy, as the company moves to serve increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicle programs from OEM clients. The company will increase its current 11,000-square-meter floor space by more than 60%, to create an 18,000 sq m facility dedicated predominantly… Read more »