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CISSOID and Silicon Mobility partner to provide SiC inverter reference design

Semiconductor maker CISSOID and Silicon Mobility, a supplier of electrified powertrain control solutions, are partnering to deliver a complete and modular SiC inverter reference design that supports electric motor drives up to 350 kW / 850 V. The design combines CISSOID’s high-voltage power module, integrated gate driver board and control board with Silicon Mobility’s OLEA… Read more »

Customize An Efficient And Performant SiC Inverter With Reference Design From Silicon Mobility And CISSOID

Join this presentation to learn about a new comprehensive and modular reference design of a 350kW/850V silicon carbide (SiC) inverter for electric motor control. This reference design is the result of a partnership between Silicon Mobility and CISSOID. It is a unique alternative solution to the current offerings available on the market as it avoids… Read more »

Silicon Mobility’s APP – T222 INVERTER control software earns ASIL-C certification

Digital control developer Silicon Mobility has announced that its control software platform has been certified ISO 26262 ASIL-C compliant by SGS-TÜV Saar. The OLEA APP – T222 INVERTER is part of the OLEA product line, and supports ASIL-D certification for integrating powertrain systems. “Built as a software platform to control a wide variety of technologies… Read more »

CISSOID and Silicon Mobility develop SiC inverter platform

Semiconductor manufacturer CISSOID and digital control developer Silicon Mobility are partnering to develop a new series of SiC inverter products. The modular platform will offer a power module and its gate driver with protections and fault management, an ultra-fast field-programmable control unit (FPCU), and application software optimized for e-motor control. Each of CISSOID’s intelligent power… Read more »

Silicon Mobility and G-Pulse design bidirectional DC-DC converter platform

Silicon Mobility and controls supplier G-Pulse are collaborating to design a high-power multiphase interleaving bidirectional DC-DC converter platform for electrified vehicles. The platform is based on Silicon Mobility’s OLEA control technology, together with a SiC power module, and benefits from G-Pulse’s engineering experience with automotive systems. Powertrain system elements in electrified vehicle applications may require… Read more »

Silicon Mobility improves inverter and motor efficiency through digital control

Silicon Mobility, a provider of digital controls for EV powertrains, says its control system improves inverter and motor efficiency by 2% to 4.6% compared to the industry-standard SVPWM control technique.  During the 34th International EV Symposium, Silicon Mobility and Cascadia Motion presented their latest research results, in which Optimized Pulse Pattern (OPP) modulation increased the… Read more »

SEMIKRON and Silicon Mobility collaborate on EV inverter platform

SEMIKRON, a manufacturer of power electronics, and Silicon Mobility, a provider of digital controls for electrified powertrains, has announced the availability of a 24 V to 96 V inverter platform. The 50 kW platform combines a SEMIKRON SKAI 3 LV inverter and a Silicon Mobility OLEA inverter and electric motor control solution.  SEMIKRON’s SKAI 3… Read more »

Silicon Mobility releases new EV powertrain control software

Silicon Mobility has announced the release of OLEA APP INVERTER, a software application platform for control of inverters and electric motors.  The application is based on the OLEA T222 FPCUs parallel architecture, which allows real-time control of power electronics and motors. It provides torque and speed control using Field Oriented Control (FoC) and variable Space… Read more »

Silicon Mobility introduces software library for optimizing battery range and charging speed

France-based Silicon Mobility, a provider of semiconductor control solutions, has introduced a software library and an application optimized for its OLEA chips. OLEA is Silicon Mobility’s family of products for automotive applications, and includes a hardware-flexible interface for real-time data processing and deterministic control of actuators and sensors and SILant, as well as a functional… Read more »