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alpha-En wins grant to commercialize lithium metal anodes

New York-based alpha-En has won an award of $750,000 from the DOE’s Office of Technology Transition Technology Commercialization Fund. The funding will be used to commercialize Argonne National Laboratory’s proprietary highly conductive solid-state electrolyte coating for alpha-En’s lithium metal anodes. alpha-En says its lithium metal is purer than what is currently available on the market,… Read more »

Nanoscale measurement of lithium metal could lead to suppressing dendrite formation

Lithium metal, which can store more energy than carbon, would seem to be an ideal anode material, except for one serious flaw: dendrites, tiny needle-like branching structures that can grow through the battery, eventually causing a short circuit. Now, a joint team of researchers from Caltech and Carnegie Mellon University has measured the strength of… Read more »

Canada bans shipments of lithium metal batteries on passenger flights

The Canadian Transport Ministry has officially banned the transport of lithium metal batteries as cargo on passenger flights, bringing its regulations into line with a ban adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization in 2014 (the US has already instituted a ban). The new rule does not apply to lithium-ion batteries, or to lithium metal… Read more »

Researchers develop dendrite-free lithium films, an important step toward lithium metal anodes

There’s a lot of interest in using lithium metal as an anode material, because of its theoretical high capacity of 3,860 mAh g−1 (around ten times that of the graphite anodes used in typical Li-ion batteries). However, it doesn’t measure up in terms of cycle life and safety requirements, and one reason is the formation of… Read more »

Sepion Technologies opens coating facility for lithium-metal EV batteries in North America

Sepion Technologies, a manufacturer of EV batteries, has opened a separator coating facility for lithium-metal batteries for EVs. The renewable-energy-powered building spans 25,000 square feet, increasing Sepion’s separator coating capacity by 1,000-fold and polymer synthesis scale by 100-fold. It also enables the production of up to 10 Ah pouch cells.  Sepion’s separators are designed using… Read more »

Dragonfly Energy manufactures lithium battery cell using high-purity recycled materials from Aqua Metals

Dragonfly Energy, maker of Battle Born Batteries, in collaboration with battery recycling pioneer Aqua Metals, has reported a significant advance in its quest for sustainable lithium-ion battery production. Dragonfly successfully used high-purity lithium hydroxide recovered by Aqua Metals from recycled lithium-ion batteries to manufacture a standard CR2032 battery cell using Dragonfly’s patented dry battery electrode… Read more »

Sion Power’s Licerion lithium-metal battery technology now available for commercial evaluation

Sion Power has reported a major development milestone for its Licerion EV technology—the company has produced more than 18,000 multilayer, 6 Ah to 20 Ah lithium metal cells for commercial evaluation. Sion says Licerion EV delivers high energy density, enabling longer range with lighter and smaller batteries. Licerion EV technology incorporates Sion Power’s protected lithium… Read more »

LG Energy Solution invests AUD20 million in Green Technology Metals for lithium supply

LG Energy Solution and lithium exploration company Green Technology Metals (GT1) have signed an AUD20-million equity subscription agreement and an offtake term sheet,  giving LG access to future production from GT1’s flagship Seymour Project in North America. According to the offtake term sheet, GT1 will sell LG Energy Solution 25% of its spodumene concentrate production… Read more »

Green Technology Metals signs lithium option for Junior Lake Project in Canada

Australia-based lithium exploration and development company Green Technology Metals has signed a binding agreement for an option to buy an 80% interest in the Junior Lake Project from Landore Resources Canada. The Junior Lake Project comprises 591 staked mineral claims on 10,856 hectares of tenure adjacent to the Flagship Seymour Project in Ontario. It is… Read more »

Aqua Metals produces high-purity lithium hydroxide directly from recycled Li-ion batteries

Battery recycler Aqua Metals has demonstrated the recovery of high-purity lithium hydroxide from lithium-ion battery black mass at the company’s Li AquaRefining recycling facility in Nevada. “The production and availability of the first recycled lithium hydroxide at scale will help close the supply chain loop for critical battery metals in America, paving the way for… Read more »